Hi there from 63 yr old crypto addicted geek ONEALFA, out of tiny land LITHUANIA :)

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Hi folks !

Sure it will be nice to meet you all here
Yes, I'm ONEALFA , I've used this nick, exclusively online, in almost all areas ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Vimeo, Pinterest, Reddit, etc). This comes from my personal ham radio call sign LY1A, which spells as <Lima-Yankee-ONE-ALPHA>
Someone who ever heard of hams - knows that ham call sign is just like your second name. Very very permanent. Something unique, like personal ID, not available to any other person in a whole world.
I live in rather small town (even it is our capital :) ) Vilnius, in a tiny, old country with a proud history - Lithuania
During last 5 years I got almost obsessed with cryptos (crypto currencies), every single day of the year spending some 1-2 hours in reading news, blogs, vlogs, reports, articles, conference presentations... anything I can dig out in online vaults.
Today somehow I came across Gregory Mannarino post on Steem. And I said... hey, man, this sound familiar to me....
Went to check steemit.com ......yahhh....Im already there, registered back in July-2016
Double checked BITTREX.....wow.... I even hold few hundreds of STEEM. I have already forgot them, since downtrend of STEEM last so long. That is great, STEEM is back. And guess what - it is growing in value like crazy ! +400% in last week, +40% in last 24h. Brrrrrrr....
Ehhh...looks like this is a good time to get back to this ALT coin. Right away I have purchased there some more STEEMs.
And here I am, on STEEMIT.COM, starting my activities, and posting this introduction.
Hope my time spend here will be not the worst wasted time of my life.
I really hope. ( Greg's video intro was really impressing to me....ha ha)
So, thats in short.
Oh yes, I'm 62 yet, currently retired, sometimes enjoy driving for UBER & TAXIFY, talking to various people.
On average, every day I drive - I introduce to crypto currencies some 5 to 10 people, all my riders.
I just really love doing this. I Hope I may call myself ( one day) a "bitcoin evangelist"
Like Roger Ver @rogerkver , that famous Bitcoin Jesus.... haha.
My wife Inga is the best life partner one can ever imagine.
Long ago, one day she have saved my life. But....that is another story
And the 3rd curent member of my familly is GIRIS, a cute smart boy Bishon Havanese:
That is it.

Mail me at : lyonealfa [at] gmail.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/onealfa
Follow me - https://steemit.com/@onealfa
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/onealfa



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Welcome to steemit onealfa, nice of you to join us here. Lots of opportunity I think.

Welcome to Steemit @onealfa!

this is awesome!:) welcome


ohhhh... @doitvoluntarily , 1663 folowers? is it real ?


what does that mean? :)

Welcome to Steemit, @onealfa

Hello LY1A, welcome to Steem! :-)


yeah....QRZ man? Also a ham, @gtg ?


No, I've never used hams.

Sveiki, ačiū @onealfa :) Pasekiau jus ir aš ;)