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I do not like to expose myself. but for Steemit i did it ! I'm almost a year on Steemit and i realized that I need to intoducemyself to steemit community.
I just started one initiative and is not decent to do that without people knowing you. Enjoying here and ejoying be a part of this revolutionary platform.
OK litle bit about me.

I m videographer


Im Happily married

16406946_1752709471413277_2542021428115127685_n (1).jpg
Father of twins and familyman
Love fast cars

Love nature
Love adventure

Love good Mediteranian food and wine



Love Hawien shirts :)

And love to be on Steemit, this is why im doing this initiative! Plese join and help this project to come fore realisation.

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It's never too late to make an introduction!

(A belated) Welcome to SteemIt!

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you 😀 Enjoying here.


Hey @olegw I was late-itroducer too. Better late, than never ★

Thank you, i dont like to expose my self but here it is considered decent so i did it :)
Mostly becouse the initiative I bealive in. which I posted today, so you are welcome to my blog to check it out.

Hello!!! welcome to this platform! you will love Steemit platform!! Its such an amazing community here, and everyone is so lovely! If you ever get hungry... dont look on my page :P hehe Alla x

Thank you for the worm welcome.
I m always hungry ;) will follow

You will see what a great mill i had today , just finishing the post ;)

hahah i will have a check!!

Welcome on your introduction, it took you a long time. Following you hope you follow me too

Welcome to the platform. Have fun here and its a possibility.

Thank you

You'll make a killing here with your photo skills! Just push it!

Glad you finally made a introduction post @olegw
I love the high quality photos in your post :)

Thank you

Awesome! Welcome to the family :)
Threw you a follow!

Thank you

WELCOME to steemit.
Do not forget to follow me here :)

Thank you

Welcome to Steemit. Very interesting post and so many nice pictures . Thanks for sharing!

Thank you

Nice to meet you @olegw.

Nice to meet you to, Is nice to be a part of this revolutionary platform.

Warm welcome to the steemians World !

welcome with thums up.png

thank you

Well a belated but very Welcome to you

Thank you 😀

Welcome aboard! Follow me at

Nice to meet you! Sretno dalje i od sada i ja tebe pratim :))

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Welcome to Steem @olegw I have sent you a tip

Thank you, very generous of you.

Very good introduction! Some photos made me laugh :)