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Hello steemians Good Evening. My name is Roldan Dela Cruz and I live in Sta.Maria, Bulacan. I own 2 billiard tables (a little business of mine). I like playing billiards, watching anime like one piece,black clover,Boruto and the seven deadly sins. i also like playing games online.

When it comes to sports, playing softball is my favorite, i used to be a pitcher but i had a shoulder injury so I stopped playing. Playing billiards is the only sport I've been doing and because of it, I learned how to stay focused and control the pressure I feel.

When I was 22, I was the superstar of my team. When there was no league in our barangay, someone from other barangay asked me to join their team. "I said yeah with out a doubt". Luckily I was to able to join the practice and then after the practice I became an official member of the squad. During the barangay finals I managed to control the game by using my skills as a pitcher and I made a consecutive standing knockouts. (out sa tayo). Luckily we won the championship.

I'm an environment friendly. I don't like the way they treat the environment like illegal logging, gold mining and coal mining.

The environmental impact of the coal industry includes issues such as land use, waste management, water and air pollution, caused by the coal mining, processing and the use of its products.


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Best of luck to this platform for introduce

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Welcome to Steemit, odankiara12! Best wishes for a very fun journey here in this fun-loving community :) Be Happy

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thank you and i would love to explore more and learn things about blogging here in steemit

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Welcome to steemit [email protected] best wishes as you exolore this wonderful community

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Haha welcome pogi sa wakas naka gawa rin.

Welcome to Steemit and welcome to out family @odankiara12. Added you to the roster of @steemph.bulacan. Good luck and happy steeming! Be so kind to contact the leader @enjieneer. She'd like to help our newer members to get acquainted.

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Hiya! Welcome on Steemit!! I find it an amazing platform for all sorts of reasons... I am also very new here and just uploaded my intro video. What I have already learned is that it helps to follow and upvote and the Steemit community will return the favor by throwing some cents your way with and upvote and following you. You will see some amazing posts and videos here. Stuff to laugh at, stuff to cry at, things that educate.. The list goes on and on. So here's my invite, please upvote and follow me and I will return the favor from sunny South Africa! :-) You can watch my intro video here
Chat soon Steemit Buddies!!!!

Hello! Welcome to steemit! Have fun and enjoy enjoy lang. :-) Happy steeming!

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Hey Welcome to Steemit! I'm new too.
Hope you'll enjoy :)

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Wow welcome to Steemit sir! Naging PE ko yang billiard pero hirap talaga ako matuto hahhaaha pero masaya sya laruin 😂

maraming salamat po mam chagaan lang po talaga para matuto hehe

Welcome to steemit brother. Looking forward keep it up.

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Hello, @odankiara12, and welcome to Steemit!

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Congrats and welcome to Steemit!

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Welcome sir. Enjoy..

Welcome to this amazing community. Good luck :)

welcome on board friend... hope u enjoy in steemit community.greetings from indonesia

Welcome to Steemit @odankiara12
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Welcome to steemit my friend.I am looking for your next blog and I want to know what is your forty.Just enjoy here and explore a lot of things about Steemit.

thanks and nice to meet you. I'm pretty sure
I'm going to enjoy my time here in steemit and would love to meet new friends...

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welcome to steemit world!!! Let's steem on together to the moon bro!!! from Bulacan din po ako....Cheers:)

Congratulations, welcome too steemit, enjoy your life

Welcome to Steemit. I implore you to explore the platform and enjoy your time.

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Welcome to Steemit. I implore you to explore the platform and enjoy your time.

Join the SteemJet Community and grow. SteemJet community teaches about the Global adoption of Steem.

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Welcome to Steem kabayan. Good luck and have fun.