Hello Steemit, from an abstract photographer!

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Hello Steemit!

My name is Vert, I am an aspiring abstract photographer. About 2 years ago I would use my iPhone to take pictures of objects around the house. Random objects with little to no thought to why I chose the objects. I guess my "work flow" is look around me where ever I'm sitting or standing, and the first object that catches my attention is the one I will photograph. After that I try to find a good angle or maybe another random object to put with it then snap. The fun part comes when naming the photo. It is actually an amazing process because somehow the image creates it's own meaning. Below is my most recent work. I call it "Li-Phi".


Hopefully you follow me and enjoy my artwork!

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Welcome Vert

Hi Vert!
Welcome to steemit ✌️

I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you! IMG_20180130_094825

Bienvenido a Steemit !

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Just awesome....Welcome..

Greetings From Mr. Crypto!
I enjoyed your post @novert I'm pleased to meet you!

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Welcome to Steemit @novert!

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well, trust me that i dont even know whats the thing i like that much on that photo, but i love it! congrats, you are really talented. Welcome to steemit.
Follow me @JuanDVG

Hey I'm doing some thing similar abstract photography. Check my page out.

Yes, I will follow. Great photo Method! Looking forward to seeing more!

Welcome to Steemit. I hope it is good for you. Invite some friends and build the community

Welcome @novert ! Hope you enjoy the steemit community! If you’re looking for breaking news, tips and anything crypto, make sure to follow us! We do multiple videos per day. If you have any request/questions let us know - we're happy to help!

I really liked your creativity and your concept! Feel welcomed to Steemit, you have my follow. I am also a photography lover and I may write about it soon!

Welcome to steemit :) If you have any question just click to Follow on my profile and ask :)

Welcome @novert I am new to Steemit myself! Well done on your approach to photography. You are no longer "aspiring," you are now actually doing it! You might like to study the pioneers of abstract photography, like Man Ray, as well as some modern photographers:


Look forward to more of your work!

HI dear! Welcome it seems that you have a lot off good stuff to offer! ❤️

Love abstract photography hoping to see something new and fresh from your end. Should i follow you? read my introduce yourself too please :) if you want that is

Love it! Wish I had thought of this angle! I blo' @ tha Steemit so far !!

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Welcome to steemit! This is a wonderful platform with great people and communities! Don’t forget to check out Steepshot, DTube, DMania, DLive and Zappl all on the steem blockchain. Be active and have fun! Cheers @stwbll

Welcome to Steemit! Interesting photography angle, unique from what I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! I can see myself to you. I used to take photos since then. Welcome to steem my friend. I cant wait to see more photographies from you. Followed and voted you already :)

Welcome to Steemit! I can't wait to look at your work here on Steemit. I used to think that everyday object can be deformed and have another meaning when it is photographed but I've never try that kind of photography...but I should hehe

Welcome to Steemit! Seems like a really cool way to get inspiration from everyday life, love it! Can't wait to see what you post :)

Welcome to steem! Good luck!

Welcome to this great wonderful community, I hope to see more of your photos.
We share the love of photography.

Welcome to steemit ..
I invite you to visit my blog

Welcome!! Interesting Concept. Good Luck!!!

Salam kenal vert saya menggumi anda

Salam kenal vert