Just an introduction of a regular student from Antwerp, Belgium who loves crypto and traveling

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My name is Nordin Tallal, 23 years old Muslim and born in Belgium but my roots are in Morocco.


I was lucky to be born with parents who can speak Dutch (the main language in Belgium) and who were focused on my education. You may ask why I consider myself lucky with the fact that they can speak Dutch but that’s simple, even with the fact that I was born here I’ve never been seen as one of them. I had issues at school at an early age because not everybody is that accepting and my parents helped me along the way. If they didn’t speak Dutch at the time I would have had a serious disadvantage!

Where it all began

My elementary school was “Xaverius” in Antwerp, it’s a beautiful Catholic school just outside the city core. I’m glad I’ve been put here, my parents were smart enough not to put me in a school full of immigrants because sadly they all stick together (I’m one of them by the way so this is not a racist comment or something). So here is where it all started you can say I struggled in the beginning. Here I was seven years old and the only Moroccan boy in a school full of children. It was hard in the beginning but I made amazing friends, even those that tried to bully me from the start.
As I got older the struggle got a bit harder because not all the teachers liked me and mostly I got punished for doing nothing wrong. Fortunately my principal was understanding and when I was send to him we mostly just talked. Everybody struggles sometimes, you can say it was because of the color of my skin or maybe I was just too stubborn, you never know 😉.
However, I got through it but high school was a lot tougher than before and they tried to keep me behind. I had high grades except for my skills in French and German. They let people through with far far worse grades but I had to do my year over. Long story short, I gave up 16.
Not the smartest thing I’ve done I got to admit that but I got in to another school and their standards were far lower and I got through it with more than perfect grades.

Where I f***** up

I went to the university of Antwerp but I lost my way. I never went to the classes, began going out, meeting the wrong people and doing the wrong stuff.
It’s not necessary to go in to details, it was fun and all but I regret it. I lost 4 years as the result of being a lazy moron (for school). In those years I worked more than I went to school because I needed to provide for my lifestyle and I paid for everything myself since I was 16. I needed the money and my grades were far worse than terrible.

There I was a lazy 21 year old with nothing to his name, still living with his parents and still failing my classes! It’s easy for me to say as a so called “ immigrant” that I got discriminated all my live. However, it’s true, I’ve met terrible people and they always tried to drag me through the dirt. I’ve seen and heard things that would make you hate this world but I got through it in some way. I always had friends and family to support me although the truth is I’ve always felt alone. Even at a great party surrounded by friends, at family gatherings even at home I’ve always felt alone. I was different than the rest, I always had to hide one part of me because for the outside world I was always the immigrant and for my family I was not immigrant enough and at home I needed to be different so they thought everything is ok. I could never be myself and that’s why I loved staying up late in my room. It was the night I truly loved because at night the world is quiet and no one expects anything from me. I could stare at the walls for hours and there would be no consequences. It’s silent and calm!

Where it all changed

It was in December 2015 and I know it’s sounds cheesy and lame but it’s true. I met the one, the Juliet to my Romeo, the Helen to my Paris, the Rose to my Jack, you know guys my one true love. You can say that my life changed because of her. Only with her I can be myself. Even when I do something stupid and she keeps looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes, I can only feel love. It’s maybe weird to say but she truly makes me happy and completes my life. I’ve the feeling she’ll always stay by my side. I need her to because she brought some stability to my life. She pushed me to put more effort into school. I started over and because of her I did amazing and now I’m in the half of my studies with her by my side. I hope until the end of time.


My second love

As I furthered my studies everything went too slow and I wanted to start my life with my girlfriend. Nevertheless I was restricted so I looked for investment opportunities so when I finished school I would have a jump start into life. I found that in cryptocurrency. That’s how I found my second love so not a second girl if you thought that.
I have to admit that I began with the wrong intentions, I wanted to get rich fast, buy my Lambo or Tesla, you know those foolish dreams. Then I was reading and reading and it was amazing. I saw the future of the world. I loved the innovations, technologies and ideas. As I kept reading, I admired it and now I’m a great supporter of the blockchain and the future it beholds. I have invested everything I could afford to lose into it and my girlfriend always supported me and even invested too.


So here I am now, just a regular student trying to make a better future and start his live in the new world of crypto. It has been 4 months now and even with all the red and FUD in last few weeks I’m more excited than ever. I know it’s just in my mind but it feels like I’m making a difference in the world not just me but everyone who’s investing in crypto.

What can you expect from me

If I post something it will be one of three following things or a combination of those.
• Crypto
• Travelling (I need to travel a lot, you can see it as my hobby )
• My girlfriend

Mostly I’ll post something about crypto and what it contains (not professional advice).
After each of my travels I’ll post something small about it and mostly it will be with my girlfriend so those two are pretty much combined.



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Hello and Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy Steemit as much as I do. See you around! :-)

I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.

Welcome to steemit community, insight, experience and knowledge banayak once here we live just how to take and learn it and you also can share anything interesting to be published in this steemit, salam know from me @teukukhaidir. thank you

Welcome! Morocco is at the top of my foreign travel list. I've done Egypt twice, but in the current situation I'm guessing Morocco is the safer bet.


I think so too, morocco is a beautiful country to travel in.
the only downside is the language barrier outside the touristic places.
I would recommend "Al Hoceima" it's really beautiful but not everybody there knows a second language
and if you like the touristic places, you got marrakesh or casablanca

Welcome to steem! I love that you are able to reflect on your mistakes and accept that you messed up, takes a lot of courage and insight to be able to do that. It's great to see how much you love your gf and how devoted you are to her, keep treating her with love and respect and she will be yours forever. Hope you have success in steemit and in all your crypto investments, I am also new to crypto and I'm super excited for things to come. Cheers!


thanks my friend
I hope you get to be lucky too with your investments in this troubled time in crypto
stay strong!

I'm a newbie here too, amazing story, it's so good that you're happy now after all you've been through, hope everything gets even better

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thank you and I'm glad I found steemit
and the best to you too

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

Welcome aboard!

welcome! to the steem room!

Your welcome to this wonderful community, your handsome, lovely pictures. I wish you success.

Welcome to the platform. Have a good time!

So great how you share your obstacles, both internal and external. Congratulations on having found purpose.

In 1993 I spent ten days traveling alone in Morocco. The place that made the greatest impression upon me was Essaouira. Just amazing.