I Am That I Am – David


I am David.

Hello Dear Community. This is my introduction first post, among of many to come.

I am David. Simply David. And my writings will speak about enlightenment. Simple Enlightenment. I will share with you my knowledge and energy from my vantage point of several decades of deep exploration of consciousness and handful of lifetimes' experiences. If you choose, I will be your online guide, tutor and friend, on your journey towards realizing – allowing – your enlightenment. I will do that by addressing the very humane aspects of your existence in the areas like relationships, career, finance, love, health self-worth and more. Most of my posts will sound to you very logical, you will agree with what I will say, and you will feel a subtle nudge to be connected with my words. They will echo within you. Hence, I used the words "sound" and "say". This nudge comes from your soul. Trust it. Follow the impulse. Other posts will take you out of your comfort zone, you will not understand, you will not agree, and that will cause you to resist. When that happens know that you have reached the threshold, a point of separation. Will you boldly go forward? Entirely up to you and I will be here to support you all the way.

Some background info about me for the curious minds – I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.
I have lived in many other places as well. I have traveled across the seven seas and to this day I conduct aware nocturnal journeys. I was trained as a lawyer. I practiced that profession for a few years. I have built and managed several businesses and now I am leading a tech company. In my core essence I am a speaker. I come from a long lineage of teachers, educators and carriers of messages. For the past eleven-years I have been speaking to numerous groups of people in Israel and Europe. When the material accumulated I posted most of it online, in a designated blog that I created. I did not promote the blog, I did not publish the blog, I did nothing of the sort. Those who were ready to hear, found it. And now it is high time to spread these words.

Why? Because we are living in times of great technological changes and many more will occur in the next years. Electric Cars? AI? Finance changes? Digital minds? Ha! These are peanuts. Imagine that the reality that you know is folding unto itself, and you can shift between one environment to the other by choice and within milliseconds. Imagine you can manage several lives simultaneously, that you are the center, the hub, that live different lives at the same time, communicating with all and in real, not in a computer game. Technology will allow all this. But, it will not be able to do so unless a parallel shift in consciousness will take place. Not in humanity, but in you; each and every one of you. This is the reason why I am writing here on Steemit.

Content and form of Posts I am a practical spiritualist.

My posts will describe how consciousness affects our daily life. I speak and write only about things I have experienced myself. First hand experience. Sometimes, you will read some bizarre things and you will doubt. But then remind yourself these words – I speak only about things I have went through myself. There will be three types of content – Q&As about relationships and love that I have answered throughout the years to students, and those I will continue to answer here to my followers; Dreams interpretations of many kinds and sorts, including dreams that my followers will want an explanation for; and general articles about consciousness and human living. ALL THE MATERIALS ARE ORIGINAL. In the rare posts that I will use quotes or share with you content from others, I will state the reference very clearly. Apart from those, All the posts will be written by me; all the comments will be written by me. EACH AND EVERY WORD that you will read is the product of my mind and typing fingers. I take full responsibility for every word I will write. However, I will NOT take any responsibility for the effect of the material on you and your life. You are the sole responsible person. Remember that.

Some posts will be short and others long. I use the words carefully. English is not my mother tongue and this is a good thing. It allows me to use simple English and make the content accessible to people from all levels. I put certain energy into each post. What does it mean? doesn't matter. Just know that if you don't feel like reading, stop. Breathe deeply and slowly and the message in the post will infiltrate into your life. You don't believe me? I said you would be taken out of your comfort zone, didn’t I?

After a week of adjustments I plan to publish one-two posts per-day and I expect this pace to last for quite a while. The material is unlimited as well as the number of those who ask to have it.

The community on Steem Communicating with you is important to me. I write here because I want the message to be delivered, to be spread out. This is my only agenda and I care about you. Therefore, I welcome comments, and comments that are questions and I will -do-my-best-to-answer-each-and-every-one-of-you. I assume that in the beginning, when I have a small number of readers/followers, this task will be feasible. If I don't reply to you it will be because I have nothing meaningful to say. If you ask a question and I don't answer, it will encourage you to look for answers within you. And you do have them. The answers. I am not smarter than any of you, I am not more advanced than any of you and I am not more enlightened than any of you.

I am David.

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My introduction post was made about a month ago. Since then I have received the honor of having 200+ followers (pioneers) who are engaged in active discussions for each daily post that I publish. As the community grows it becomes a be a bit of a challenge to relate to each comment. In addition, I am receiving private messages from members of the community.
Therefore, kindly take note that although I do read each comment I may not reply to every one. If you want to make sure that I relate to your comment please tag me (@nomad-magus) in the text of your comment. That way I will know what is required.

I absolutely love that introduction post, Welcome to Steemit!



I want to be you friends,
Follow me...!!!! @milenia


Best way would be to follow me.

Interesting perspective. Looking forward to what you have to say.

Welcome to Steemit mate!



Thanks. I believe you will find my posts interesting. Keep following 👍

hey ...welcome to the steemit ..hope u can do better in that community and will be able to add more value for the users...lets work together


Good to hear. I'm all in for collaborations.

@nomad-magus ...firstly...thankyou very much sir for providing me the link about your introduction in your fresh post......
It took me several minutes to read your introduction ...i just feel wow...before reading this..i knew u as Nomad-magus...but after reading your introduction i know the real you now i.e Mr.DAVID...yes the real...all things about you wheather being it about your profession ..you being a leading bussiness man and lasr but not the least i.e you being a wise blogger and writer...
Sir you are an intellect and your posts are always inspiring....you have just framed your intro in better manner... Hatsoff to you man.... I am one of your lucky follower..kindly keep on giving me suggestions whenever needed...Thankyou Mr David.

You are welcome to the community where we share knowledge and ideas together. Follow me @papaessel as do this together. Together we grow steemit!

Hello Welcome to Steemit, the home of the Opportunities I hope you enjoy every second within the community and give your best at every moment.

Your content is important for the platform, create 100% Original content, express what you feel and that a few dollars is not what motivates you, believe me that if you do it out of passion and love to create, the money will come by itself. The good is always accompanied by good things.

Motivate every day to be the best and motivate others to be even better than they already are, perseverance, passion, love and desire to Create will be the key to your success within Steemit. @nomad-magus


Well Said, Dude! 👍

welcome to steemit community


Thank you!

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I knew you were Israeli from the first look of your photo. <3 (I'm Sephardic btw.)