Hello Steem World! #introduceyourself

This is my first blog, woohoo! I was inspired by my friends that are already blogging and by whom I discovered this amazing community.


I live in Zagreb, Croatia and my profession is architecture. Most of the times I do interior design and lately I was involved in a little bit of scenography. There are other different things I'm interested in, so I'll write about things and concepts that inspire me:

* graphic novels and comics,

* space and astrophotography,

* music with no limits or genres,

* art and design that is bold and unique,

* food, wanderlust and vintage fashion.

(Moebius / Jean Giraud art; image source aaronwolf.blogspot.hr)

I'm excited to find where this thing would take me and I'm happy to connect with new amazing people here.

***(This is my second attempt on Steemit because my first account @stoe-orkeo was blocked after first post, so yeah, that's also me).

A special thanks to my Steem friends:

@matko-md and his famous patients

@lifestyler for reinventing myself too

@buzzbeergeek that started it all

@ssekulji for inspiration


Welcome on board! Your energy and wit won't be unnoticed for long. Excited about the content you'll bring to the platform, you sure have much to offer. Everything you touch turns to gold. :)

Thank you, this support means so much to me, especially because you encouraged me to join Steemit! Such thoughtful words ^_^

thrilled to have you here with us! i am quite certain you will do great! ;)

I am so happy for all of us here :) Thank YOU for inspiration to do this!

Happy to be here :)

Hi nightscape, welcome to Steemit! I'm new here too. Since you say you're into music without limits, I wonder if you have ever gotten into music that's unusually tuned? Xenharmonic, microtonal, untwelve and plenitonal are some of the words people use for this.

Let me offer you some links.


Hope you like them!

Thank you for links, I'll check this out because I've never heard of them :)
Music I was referring to is something like Nils Frahm, Mount Liberation Unlimited, Sun Ra...

Good luck to you too, as Bowie said 'absolute beginners' :)

Hey @nightscape :)

Welcome to Steemit, I see you already have a few friends which will help you tremendously.

Architecture fascinates me and i have some friends studying the profession architecture in University so I get to see the work they do and learn.

Good luck with Steemit and your blog. I'm sure you will achieve great things.

Thank you, I'm glad you're interested in architecture too :) I guess we can share common topics here.
Good luck to you too!

Welcome to the club! Hope you have fun!

Thanks! I like that you're interested in space also!

Sure am! I try to post about that stuff as I find new things. Btw, make sure you swing by on the 6th, it'll be an interesting launch! ;)

Welcome, it is nice to see how of people from Zagreb is growing on Steemit :)

Thank you, I'm glad to smeet you! :D

welcome here, hope u ll not blocked this time, hahaha, by the way u have nice looks, cheers

You know the first rule of Steemit... now I know for sure haha

Welcome to steemit :) If you have any question just click to Follow on my profile and ask :)

Thank you, still introducing myself!

Welcome to the community. Lots of great people to connect with on here, wish you much success.

It's my impression too, thank you!

Welcome to steemit !! have a beautiful day !

Thanks, it's a sunny day in Zagreb :D

hehe, you are so lucky :-) We have a shitty weather in belgium for now lol.

Nice to meet you @nightscape🙃
Welcome to Steemit!
Try to get a profile picture and cover image using my tutorial!
I follow you!

Thank you for advice, because I'm doing it right now :)

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