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Hello Steemit community! It is I, Nightowl25. As for my birth name, I think I will keep that at bay for now. At least until I muster up some confidence.

I've been watching Steemit for a while and finally found the courage to start posting. I am enjoying all of the diversity of Steemit. Watching it grow and move forward. I would like to be a part of the movement.

I have your average corporate zombie job, but would rather be doing something else. Something that makes me happy. Unfortunately, happy doesn't always pay the bills. So, I'll keep trying to find a solution for that situation...everyday. I enjoy taking photos when the mood strikes. Not a professional, but feel I sometimes have a good eye. I do enjoy writing about life in general and some poetry. I don't think I'm half bad.

I'm on my way to 50, but don't feel like I'm anywhere near the hill. I'm a mix of Hispanic, Irish, German and Swedish background and grew up in a larger family of six children. The mix of cultures and living with 5 other siblings in small quarters makes for interesting stories. My dark hair from my father (which is now turning gray) and my pale skin with freckles from my mother. By this description, you can probably tell which parent held the Hispanic and which was the mixture of the rest.

I feel I'm a better conversationalist than a writer. But, that is where Steemit comes in. Steemit will allow me to work and grow in communication with writing.

I look forward to the challenge and making connections. I hope you'll join me for the journey.



GOOD COURAGEOUS THING!!! Muse away!.... @mindhunter

@mindhunter Thank you! I will muse away. Thankful that Steemit provides a platform to do so.

BE FEARLESS! (just look at some of my posts! MAD!)

Welcome, @nightowl25. I look forward to hearing more about your chaotic life growing up amongst so many siblings. I'm trying t raise four teenagers, so I feel strangely optimistic when I hear things turn out ok in the end.

Thank you @fairytalelife! Chaotic, yes. Lots of love....absolutely.

Nice to meet you, nightowl25! I am following you now and enjoying your poetry. Keep writing! :)