Hello guys!

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Even knowing this is my third post I would much like to introduce myself to the steemit community.

I am a 28 year old Biomedical Scientist from Brazil, graduated in august 2015 with two specializations, Molecular Biology and Clinical Analysis, I also took three semesters in Chemistry, my graduation paper was about Radiological Disasters and their impact in our planet, I love researching about chernobyl, fukushima, three mile island and oh so many others. I have a very deep interest in chemical and biological weapons, as well as toxicology and epidemiology.

Nowdays I own a small piece of a franchise here in Brazil and I've been living off of that and my investments. As you guys can imagine I am a non-native english speaker so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make.

I started using crypto back when btc was worth around 80 usd cents and I stuck with it for a while, riding the wave, buying and selling stuff from ebay mostly. I love the idea of cryptocurrencies and I am very glad I am back in the midst of you people.

For some reasons my life has been really interesting so far, I lived abroad for a very short time (in Norway), visited a few countries, been invited to manufacture several drugs (yeah... there is one story up already, check it out!).

Good times and bad times happened like to everybody, but I try to learn from all of them and I would be very glad to share a bit of my very small knowledge of the Biomedical Sciences with you guys.

I already feel very welcome to this community and I am glad this entire system was developed, this website provides an amazing opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Thank you very much!

And please check out my story on the first time I was invited to produce Cocaine.



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Welcome! I'm going to go read your story now about your invite to produce cocaine. Sounds interesting.

I hope you enjoy yourself, it was weird to say the least.

Great intro @niann. I think I will like what you have to say in the future, so I will follow! See you around!

Thanks for the follow! See you!

Welcome to Steemit! Now I go read your other posts :-)

Have fun!

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