Hello Steemian,

Happy new year!!!

My name is Vy. I am Vietnamese and currently living in Ho Chi Minh City which is commonly known as Saigon.

My photo on a trip to the North Vietnam

I joined Steemit a few months ago after my brother @magicstone1412 introduced me this social media of the new era. I have not written any post on Steemit earlier because I always wanted to find a good topic to start. (This is a common procrastination excuse, I guess :)) )

When the new year is coming soon, I think there is no better time to begin to build my Steemit home than now. I will try my best to decorate it with my humble thoughts, interesting experiences, crazy ideas (maybe ^^) and pretty images haha (I hope).

Being a student, I used to love writing but unfortunately I did not spend a lot of time writing when I grew up. I hope I can get into the habit of writing again with Steemit.

Hope you guys have a great time here. Let's spread ideas and make Steemit stronger!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and wish you a wonderful year ahead with Steemit.

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Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet u too :)

Hello..welcome. 😊


welcome to steemit @nguyenhavy, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊


Thank you. Nice to meet u ;)

Hi Vy. You have a wonderful smile. :-)


Thank you ;)

nice post Vy
upvoted and followed make sure to follow me back


Thank you. Followed u ;)

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Happy STEEMing!

Welcome on steemit 👻

Welcome Vy, I also live in HCMC. Hopefully, ​you and @magicstone1412 will go to the meetup in the future.

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