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Over time I've been seeing two (2) major gaps (problems) and the need to fill it (solve it);

  1. There is a need for rich Technologies and quality applications to be built to solve problems and develop the "next big thing".
  2. There is a high level of unemployability in our society (Not unemployment). I see a lot of talents wasting and not being well harnessed and utilized to improve our overall average standard of living.

As a result of these two major needs, NerdGarage was born. A Digital Tech Agency doubled as a Physical I.T hub where youths get trained, youths use as a workspace and tech (Mobile, Web and Cloud Solutions) projects get done while every party (The Clients, Users and our Nerds) all get happy. A classic and lively environment where geeks and nerds meet to rub minds and get busy with the "next big thing". In no time a very good friend and student of mine @afeezawoyemi who believes and sees great prospects to my visions joined me and we set out to make big things happen. Despite the fact that we have financial constraints but supercharged with the morale to get involved in the next big thing, we pursued our goals steadily and resiliently. A month after we started, we had a total of three (3) interns on site and two (2) remotely.

Recently I indicated interest in working on the long-awaited great platform: Steemgigs (Where everyone has something to offer), a brilliant idea by Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle and we were given a shot to make it happen. We built steemgigs from scratch using VueJS (frontend) and Express (backend) relying solely on the steem blockchain. We successfully handled operations on the platform without having contact with users' keys (for the sake of privacy and guide against theft of users funds) with the help @busy Steemconnect sc2-SDK. I said in one of my recent posts: "Steemgigs is the most exciting project I've worked on". Being an open source project, we learnt a lot from it. We implore everyone to contribute to it to make the platform greater and better. Utopian.io is there to reward every valuable contribution made to the great project. Utopian.io is a platform that rewards open source contributions (in case you've never heard utopian before). Check out utopian.io

The Team

Right now, my humble self @jalasem (Ajala Abdulsamii) is serving as the Nerd Master (CEO), while @afeezawoyemi (Afeez Awoyemi) serves as the Director of the Nerds (CTO) and @Plexxypc (Paul C. Udor) serves as the Nerd Gong (PR and Customer Relations). We also have interns among which is @gotgame (Olatunde Oladunni) and others (that are yet to be confirmed on the steemit platform).




NerdGarage's main goal is to create an avenue where individuals can come together to become highly creative, innovative and team up on what will shape the ICT world in terms of open source and commercial products.


  • To create an excellent environment for efficiency and productivity.
  • To bring together creative minds with the sole aim of innovation and creativity.
  • Reduce the current high level of unemployability and make worthful personalities out of the youths through quality training, bootcamps and awesome employment opportunity.


Our Website address is NerdGarage.co
Email: [email protected]
Mobile (SMS/Whatsapp): +2349064067366

A screenshot of our website

Thanks so much for reading our intro post. This is really a big thing for us, it's a humble beginning. Great thanks to Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for your relentless support despite his challenges as well. He's a mentor par excellence. We can't thank you enough sir.

We look forward to adding more and more immense values to Steemit, the steem community and benefit humanity in as a whole. So help us, God.

Signed; @jalasem, @afeezawoyemi & @plexxypc

All pictures were taken with the proper consent of the subjects in them, All graphics used (including our logo) were created by Nerds @NerdGarage


The website is hotcake

thank you soo much sir

Great... awesome initiative. We hope to someday be hosted by you in your office in Kwara. Thanks to your team @jalasem and @afeezawoyemi for introducing us to the steemit. Good luck

thank you so much @pagecarton. We look forward to hosting you and the pageCarton crew

Welcome to steemit @nerdgarage

I love the initiative but been so eager to learn more in the larger ICT world. Please can a novice be part of this team?

Welcome to steemit, we need some good nerds!

welcome to steemit.

Welcome @nerdgarage

Welcome to steemit
You can join this discord channel to be taught how to go about how to succeed on steemit and learn business,poetry,art,crypto and get motivated,taught how to make good posts and comment
Join the discord channel today and learn something in the academy of life

Wonderful step taken by you all. Appreciate your positive effort to engage the talented individuals in this field..

Love the initiative. Teamwork is the way to success

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