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RE: Steem Ninja: Account Sign UPs With Credit Card & Referral Reward System!

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Great work!

Now it's time to get this integrated on :)


Hi Ned, Happy New Year bro.
Will you be coming to Anarchapulco in Feb?
Be well my friend.

Yes, for sure

Sounds like a plan 😊


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@ned how much Steem are you leaving with?

Dan Larimer on Steemit (2 December 2018)

Steemit effectively pushed me out when CEO started pulling rank.

2 years later Steemit has failed to deploy my roadmap, even things that were largely developed before I left.

Now they are cutting costs rather than figuring out how to generate revenue.

That is a death spiral.

What have you been doing with the budget? The guy you started it with says you haven't done shit. Where is all the money going? You laid off off 80 percent of staff? How many people was that? What were they working on?

Don’t bother. You’ll never get any answers from him. He is the epitome of failed leadership and I’m sure he knows it, which is probably the real reason for the exit he’s making.


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