I would say "Hello World" but it seems so cliché...

Stuff it, Hello World!

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my first of hopefully many Steemit posts.

My name is Hayden, I'm 26 and I live in South Australia.

Below you will find a picture of me (nope I'm not the camel)

I have a group of friends that live, breath and sleep Steemit. After hearing many a conversation I thought that this sounds like a community I want to be a part of - so here I am!

I have a vast array of interests some of which are videography, gaming, spending as much time as possible with my family, current affairs, driving for no reason and most importantly being a positive force in my son's life.


I hope to meet some amazing people through the power of Steem, share myself and my views on many different topics.

So here, with my first post I begin my journey into the unknown (to me) world of Steemit.

Thank you again for taking the time for welcoming me to this community, stay in touch :)


Congratulations for being a part of Steemit !! . We are looking forward for the Blogging success with you. Welcome Steemit ! Glad to see more people like you - here join the steemit! !!!
wish you best of luck !!! Now am Following your Blog .
i am Isabella Chloe From El Monte california
I'm wrting post about Animals if you interested! D'nt Forget to Follow me.


Hi Isabella, how do I join your community? I have two companies which I love. Hehe.

Welcome aboard at last. Enjoy the bot and comment spam you'll get on this post. Welcome!

How do you tell bots from people?

sigh Wish I had a @holoz0r when I started....i just talked to the bots.... :D

Welcome aboard!

Look at all the other posts under introduceyourself and see the pattern!

Bots will say really nice things and lure you into following them by asking really nicely such as "FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW NOW UPVOTE TOO"

Humans will usually give constructive criticism or else just talk like a bot.

Welcome aboard necromortis :)You have a cute baby there... If you have skills then you can showcase it here on steemit ^^
Have fun sharing!

Welcome to the team, Haydo!

Excellent #introduceyourself.
Your lad is adorable.
I look forward to enthusiastically upvoting everything you post :)

I have soft spots for dads. Welcome bro. Glad to have you hear. Whenever you're in the mood for hip hop conversation or just a conscious conversation in general, please don't hesitate to stop by.

Glad to see you Necromortis I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

Welcome to Steem @necromortis I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome! I've been following Holozor a while and he wrote a nice introduction to you, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. If you're into ranty politically incorrect shitstorms, that's pretty much me. Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit! It's good time to start create Steemit better :)

Yo buddy, resteemed your post.. no ones not gonna know you joined now :P

Welcome to steemit.com I am @pranjalphukan . Steemit community has the power to change our life if we simply upvote and follow each other. I joined steemit for a cause of helping my students.
Please follow and upvote me ( @pranjalphukan )and I will do the same for you.
Ps. Cute baby

wonderful intro! welcome...

Hi! Welcome. I have a feeling there is a strong contingent from SA. It's a beautiful place.
Hope your enjoying !



Welcome! I hope you will enjoy Steemit

Welcome to steemit @necromortis. Nice introducing. (As I kooking you I remember the movie what name is "Hangover")
Can we be a follower friends? I UpVoted and followed you. I also new in this channel and I collect friends. Can you also follow me and you will get a good contents from me. As you know: if you have a lot of friends you are rich (this is true mainly here ;-)
Enjoy the steemit community!

Welcome to the Steemit community! (it gets kind of addicting here, careful)

Welcome to steemit
Hope you enjoy in this community
thanks for joint

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Upvoted Ur post 😊. @pranjalphukan

Welcome to Steem @necromortis. I have upvoted you. Could you do the same for me? Thanks. Also feel free to follow me.