A little bit about yourself

My name is Natalia. I'm from Ukraine.

My main hobby is boxing! It seems that everyone can wave with their fists, but not everyone can do it right.
Boxing does not allow mistakes. Boxing is a serious part of my life. He taught me respect, perseverance, patience, and concentration.
In general, I like to rest, and to cook. I like to draw, it helps to relax. It's cool when you stand with a brush or pencil in your hands in front of a white canvas, and you put the first strokes on it. And others seem to be still not clear what to get, but in the end gets a beautiful picture.
I love when it rains . As in the movie "The Fault in Our Stars" was said: "If you love the rainbow - you must love and rain!". Melodramas with meaning inspire me.
I'm a very trusting person and often fall in love and often lose ... Losing a person with whom you are bound by memories is like losing a memory, as if everything you did was less real and important than a few hours ago.


Welcome to Steemit natalia :D , have you practice tai-chi before ? should try it for fun.

Hay I think @Natalia it's more than little bit but a good post and you have really well introduce yourself to add welcome you all this great community and you will going to find many many many more great persons over here and learn a lot from this platform.

So beautiful, glad to meet you

Welcome on board,
See you on #Steemit

Hi pretty woman @natalia.fire , welcome to @steemit, I can help you to explain a little about steemit. because I believe that you can be the best blogger and contributor on this site. So I'll follow you and you follow me ^. ^


Hey @natalie.fire, welcome to Steemit!

Hello Natalia! Welcome to Steemit! My wife also loves boxing, it's a great sport. Do you fight or only train? It would be a shame to see that pretty face hurt ; ) Hope to see more of your posts in the future.

You have my upvote and follow.

Please follow me @jlopezamor

I train . Thank you

Hey Natalia welcome to steemit. Have a good time around other bloggers here :)

welcome dear

welcome! Glad to see you here. Hope you dont get as addicted as I am to steemit! ;-)

Thank you 😉

Very cool hobbies. Welcome to steemit :)

Hi @Natalia.fire,

I just wanted to drop in and say hello! From what I have seen from your actions and post, I can tell you're a generous and kind, not just with your support but more with your words, your pictures, and your passion.

Thank you for dropping by on my Re-intro - Journey from Micronesia to Australia

BTW. You can draw, You can cook, You cand write poetry....wow, you're a catch..... :) Double Welcome To Steemit!

I think this is an authentic intro so I UpVoted and I'm also Follow you now.

Keep sharing and writing and drawing and doing all those cool stuff you do...and let me know next time you have a new post too!

BTW. I think you are the reason why I was told by my elders never to fight with girls.....I think you I could be KO by @natalia.fire :)

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