The best introduction you'll read all day. Seriously.

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I've been lurking steemit for awhile, so I figured it was time to do a proper intro. My name is Nathan. I'm married to @shawnamawna, who's a substantially cooler, more prolific and more attractive steemian than myself. Despite that fact, I somehow find myself sharing my life with her.

As for me, mostly I'm a huge nerd, into board gaming, video gaming, all kinds of technology and coding, blockchain and cryptocurrency (of course), and occasionally outdoorsy stuff. Music-wise I tend towards metal and electronica, in more or less equal parts. I've been doing functional fitness (CrossFit) for around the past 4 years, which has really given me a new lease on life with a lot more energy and strength. It comes in pretty handy with 3 young kids.

The author finds it difficult to smile for photos.

I'm a passionate advocate for justice, economic empowerment, humanism and feminism. I think constructive conversation between people who disagree is still possible, and is probably more important than ever. I hope that I can provide a voice for change for people who hope for a change.

Some things that are on my bucket list:

Developing and publishing an independent video game
Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Visiting Australia
Building a house
Shooting a Thompson Submachine Gun
Leaving Earth's atmosphere


Hello Nathan, welcome to Steem

Welcome to Steemit mate.

When you visit Australia, try and do it outside our summer months.. (unless you really like heat and humidity).

Its really starting to heat up here in Aus, and I have had overseas visitors tell me its like travelling through the infernos of hell....

Welcome! Got my with the clickbait, but it was a nice intro. What board games? Settlers of Catan, Risk, and 7 Wonders are my favorite. Look forward to more posts, gained a interesting follower(;

Definitely 7 Wonders is a good one. I play Settlers sometimes, though not really recently. I've been playing pandemic legacy season 2 with some friends recently, so that's been a ton of fun so far. Occasionally I can convince people to play Scythe or Inis which I really enjoy although they tend to be too complex for newcomers.

Yah, that's what I run into a lot. Not many of my friends are willing to delve into more complex board games.

Welcom! Also - ready for debate on why MEN need social reform more than the trendy femi movement- with the disparity in the justice system, the mutilation of genitals, the ritual slaughter at the war machine, or just the fact that no word exists for this nonexistent movement... i am an egalitarian - which many femis claim is the meaning of the word femininsm - but the true concept is equality for all humans.

I'll look forward to reading your posts on completing your bucket list!!! Kate

Hi Nathan... Nice to meet you... Welcome to Steemit..🌹.. This is a nice intro post... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian..😊.. Follow Me @onority

You sound like a great guy with the heart in the right place, Nathan. And you've got a beautiful wife. I'm sure you'll get to complete that bucket list. As for "Leaving Earth's atmosphere", you might want to grab a hold of STEEM or EOS. I've heard they're heading for the moon, lol.

Followed. Looking forward to hear more from you. Feel free to follow me back :-)

Well, I learned something new about you. And @shawnamawna! I had no idea you two were married. :-)

Great intro!

Hey Nathan or Nate as my friends with that name like, I saw you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a story post to make it simply to do. Here

perfect self-introduction.
I just introduced myself.
kunungi posting saya teman.
do not forget vote and resteem @ jol09
Thank you friend

Welcome!! I just connected with your wife on here yesterday. Looking forward to reading both your blogs. 😃

Welcome :)
Guess the best introduction of today (your words, not mine) can't be missed on @welcoming, my account for promising newbies - resteemed!

I like that photo - that photo rocks :)

Yep, best intro I have read all day, but then again its the only one lol!

Good luck on the bucket list! Nearly managed your first one back in the 1980's as for the rest good choices :)

Welcome to Steemit, Nathan. I loved the caption under your picture. Hilarious!
Awesome bucket list, buddy! Good luck with it. Have fun and Steem On!

I'm glad you and @shawnamawna are a team on here! I think you're both pretty dang cool :D

@nat5an pleasure to meet you. Been following your wife that's why I saw you. :) Welcome to steemit. ^^ I enjoyed reading your introduction post :)

no 3 is probably the most achievable of your wish list

Welcome to Steemit. Get ready for an interesting ride.

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