Introducing my girlfriend to Steemit!

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Hey all Steemians! Today I want to introduce my girlfriend to Steemian world!👊

This is us, her Steemit account is @pukenanachu : 👊

It's also us visiting Riga, before Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!🔥🌶

She said she wants to write a book about mythology, so her posts will be related to this topic.👌

Also she is making unique hand made bag packs :

And things like this :

I wanted to show her Paris, so we went there and had a wonderful time!💕
By the way, we are going to hitchhike trip in Europe, in the few weeks, so we will make some posts about it!

Also, I love taking photos and she loves to be a model, so she becomes my muse :

By the way, she has many talents, such as singing, writing, drawing insanely great and making tattoos.
But she never shows to anyone how talented she is. And I always wonder why!

I want to encourage her to express herself more and that's why I introduced her to Steemit.
This is what she is drawing right now as I write this post :

I would never be able to draw like this :D

I hope she will love Steemit as much as I do! 🎨

Narovski here!


She seems very talented! Great way to represent for your girlfriend :) Welcome @pukenanachu - I love the bags you made. And i am also the blue guy in the last gif lol.

Nice. Thank you. That guy is from the show called Rick and Morty. Do you know it? :)

Nice post. Steemit is fun, I hope she likes it. Good luck to you both.

Me too. Thank you too!

Thank You! I hope we will have a great trip next month ^.^ <3

Welcome to Steemit. Nice to have you in this community and I hope to see your creative contribution to the growth of this platform. Much love!

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you find this to be a great place to share your ideas and thoughts. Keep Steeming on!

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Welcome to Steemit @narovski!

te doy la bienvenida a esta plataforma, espero que seas grande, quiero que crescas, cualquier pregunta, estare para ayudarte saludos @joserc.vzla

Welcome :)!


Here a few tips for starters snce you probably won't get any advice from those who comment under here, here's what I gathered thus far.
It's tough to make money at first so if that's your main cause to be on here grind that into your head straight away, that doesn't mean you shouldn't post content, you should, but enganging with others in the comment sections to grow your following is your best bet. Which categories?

Probably the introduce yourself one and the photography section but you can choose things that you have knowledge about too and then go from there just know that there is a lot of crap on here so plowing through that just to connect with others can be tough. Cheers.

This is my personal opinion too. Thank you for helping me. Cheers!

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Hello. I regularly look through new intro posts looking for quality people. It seems I've found two with one post! I'll go check out her new profile. She should be very successful here, so hopefully she likes it and gets into it. I've had a VERY hard time getting my wife to come here. It's maddening. She spends her day on cafemom and facebook. Her content is getting those sites rich when she could be here making money instead. It makes no sense, right?

Hello! Thank you for your kind thoughts. So your wife is still not on Steemit? Show her this platform values!

She has an account, @elyce, but she does not use it. :(

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