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This is my first post. I haven't done a lot of this writing on the internet stuff before, which is a shame it would probably have been handy to get better at it before the internet started having a lot of persistent history (like finding the first post you wrote somewhere 10 years ago and knowing you have changed a lot since then rather than the site closing and making it hard to accidentally come across). Imagine all the people doing this today and in 50 years having to see how things they said in uni are not how they feel now (apparently people's claimed political beliefs change as they age (usually left -> right)) or are no longer correct (e.g. that wonderful new insulation that you advocated (and forgotten) is found many years on to cause cancer).

Does anyone else wonder about the ability to see people over time and the rate at which one should post new opinions to try to match their online presence with their current state of mind (or corrections on old posts in case the search engine throws the page up)? Or if it will matter, maybe it will simply become creepy to read back posts for more than the last couple of years.

Names are hard sigh

I haven't come up with a good name yet (more than a week) so I guess I'll be namingFailed for the foreseeable future.

Anyway interests...

  • The future
  • Science fiction (all sorts of stuff)
  • Tech
  • Cooking
  • Cats
  • Crafts

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Just an FYI, at the current time many of Steemit users posts do not appear on Google naturally, and if they do they take a fair amount of time before they are listed (at least several days after being originally posted). Because of this it is important that you try to manually add all your new posts to Google yourself to greatly speed up the indexing process, which is something that only takes a few seconds to do but can GREATLY increase your posts changes of success by helping to get it in front of more people who may be doing various searches using the Google search engine. To manually add your posts to Google, simply create or log into your Google account and once done go to the following link, and from there simply input your posts url in the empty field and push "Submit Request". Once done Google will index your posts url within seconds, instead of waiting days/weeks/months to find it naturally. I know it can be tedious to do this, especially if you have 100 posts already done and need to loop back and do this for all of them, but trust me it is worth the time/effort as doing this can really help deliver a lot more results/visitors to each of your posts. Anyways once done, to check if it worked simply go to the Google homepage and input your posts url in the search field and see what happens (before pinging to Google you will see "no results found", while after pinging a post to Google you will see that post listed at the top of the search results, which tells you that your content is now available for the public to find via Google going forward).

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Hi thanks for the info, I did not want it to be searchable, or more easily found than default, but I can see that the instructions to make the post more easily found will be useful to other people more generally. You have very visibly made the point that I had been describing so thank you for that also.

Honestly when I wrote it, I meant in a more general sense of making things permanent that had been less so and

Welcome! :)

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