My name is Petra and I come from a small but very beautiful country Slovenia (Central Europe).



I am 26 years old and live with my boyfriend Damijan for several years now (since I was 20), and at the end of January we will be having our 7th anniversary.


We have a dog, Arni (terier-beagle mix), =>


a bird spider (Species: Grammostola Rosea, the grey one; the orange “knee” Brachypelma Smithi died last year) =>


and stick insects (Species: Peruphasma schultei; 1. female, 2. male). =>


I graduated from general High School and went to college. At first I studied history and German language (I was already before the diploma, but I wasn't feeling, that this is it), so I went to study biology and chemistry too. Right know I am having a year off and searching for a job. Since October 2017 I am also educating myself for the veterinary technician. One of the reasons for this is my huge love for all the animals. => :)


I have a little sister Katja-Medeja, 12, and a little, well not so little, brother Sebastjan, who will be 18 soon. They live with my mother. My parents are separated and I have no contact with the father because of some not so nice past.


Things that I like the most are animals, nature, biology, love, life, botanics, space, photography, interesting things, mystery, ancient Egyptian history, books, music (preferably metal), movies (especially horror), The lord of the rings trilogy, deep thoughts, art, tattoos, philosophy, also fashion … and that's what my posts are gonna be about.

Enjoy life and “see” you soon. ☯️

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Welcome @mystic-creature! I am sure you will do very well on Steemit judging by the quality of your posts so far.

I am the mighty Tub Cat! And I curate good quality content and encourage those who fail to produce good quality content to try harder, in an effort to ensure all Steemit users invest the time required to produce good quality and meaningful content.

Best of luck in your Steemit journey! And if you have any questions, please ask the mighty Tub Cat for assistance!


thank you very much :) very glad, that you think so :) I will give my best

Hi @mystic-creature ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels


Thank you. I will definitely check it out. :)

bienvenida a steemit petra :)


Hey :) thank you :) and welcome to you too

welcome here mystic-creature
i hope you enjoy in steemit:)


I enjoy it very much :D and I'm gonna love it even more, I can feel that :D

Welcome here on steemit. Hope you enjoy it! If you love movies, especially drama/fantasy/action, feel free to follow me and check out my blog :) Best wishes, Sveto.


Thank you. :) Yeah, I love movies very much and I am gonna write posts about them as well.

Welcome to steemit , since you a lord of the rings fan will see any boromir memes soon ? haaha


thank you and hello to you too :) yeah, this memes still aren't out of fashion, so here it is, the one of many => :D

Your welcome dear just followed u pls follow back dear