My Steemit and Dtube Intro Post- come Urban Mushing with Ernst!

Come learn Urban Mushing with us as I teach two young dogs! We are about to start Live Streaming our daily runs.
This is a full time life style for us, and I have been a Dog Trainer and Extreme Skater for over 30 years. In the best of times, we are a Pack that moves as One. In the worst of times... they usually take care of me, haha!

I love them all 1st as pets and they often sleep with me. But these ARE Work Dogs, conditioned daily, as athletes, from birth... and they LOVE TO RUN AND PULL!

I hope to make friends and answer questions. Come say Hi in comments and lets talk about dogs and mushing... as I learn to make videos and Live Stream... Haha!


▶️ DTube

Bro @mushingwithernst welcome to Steemit.AWESOME to see another skater join the blockchain.Check out #steemskate tag,there are a bunch of us skateboarders here.If you have any questions,feel free to ask my friend.

thanks and nice, got my couriosity going...

Yeah man,it's super-sick.There are skaters from all voer the world.England,U.S.A.,Greece,Germany,Venezuela etc.
Waiting for you to post your first skate video mate.The support is real in #steemskate

I'll give it a try then the weather here allows it. Appreciated. Soon to come.

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got to look in to it...

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Welcome to Steem, @mushingwithernst!

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Hey great video! Welcome to DTube!

Welcome to steemit @mushingwithernst.

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Excelente 🤘🏽😎
Y bienvenido

Welcome to steemit. I like dogs too. and they often sleep with me. we probably had same likes lol. I just followed you if you can follow me back it would make my day nice.


Cute little dogs

Hey welcome to Steemit, I am following your work now. Please check out my work and follow me.

Welcome to Steemit! Beautiful dogs!

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