Just a cool chill not formal at all introduction post.(whatever)

I'm Jonah and I'm excited to be here on Steemit, and join the community. I'm still getting the hang of all of nuances of the platform but seems straight forward enough. About me-
From Washington DC
Study Arts and Culture in the Netherlands
I wrote satire on medium for a while (but this platform seems like a more interesting concept)

I'm interested in:

I'm really looking forward to engaging with everyone here and carving out some space for myself.

Heres a picture of me cutting onions23484468_2062077797360001_876691509_o (1).jpg


Hello, I'm from Philippines please follow me and I will follow your blogs as well :) Hope we can be friends :)

Welcome aboard and hello from the United States.

Welcome, great picture choice, lol. Followed you, so can't wait for some more posts!

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