Some saying about me!

Hey there! My name is Muhammad Umer from @karachi Pakistan .. I am a student of pre engineering student. I am so excited to be here for some fun. I Love cats and dogs. I M looking forward to interact with you beautiful people to learn and and to have some fun too.
I am a big fan of @Fawad khan and I admire him quite often in his professional circle.

Here are some pictures I wanna share with you guys:
#stay calm and Humble with people and get happiness of your soul.

#See you around and please cooperate :)

thank you so much @ gregor82... so nice to see you... Hope you will read my posts in future .. #be happy

welcome @muhammadumer to this brilliant place for socializing.. I m new here too please support and have a some glance on my account..

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#thanks for the appreciation

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