Introducing...... Mr. Trades on Steemit! Follow me as I trade cryptos from $5,000 to $50,000 on STREAM LIVE

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Hey everyone Mr. Trades here - posting my introduction post - AS A VIDEO! 


Welcome to Steem @mrtrades I have sent you a tip

Hey man thanks!! I'm super new - can you explain how you sent the tip so I can send one back?

To tip you go to your wallet in the top right of your screen (if you are on a web browser on, select the dropdown for either STEEM or SBD and select transfer, from there type the name of the account you want to send to without the @ symbol in front.


Go to your wallet or

See the "Steem" and "SBD" those are tthe two liquid currencies here, u canhit "tranfer" and then u type in the username (no caps!) and u can leave a "memo" (this memo is also how u can send steem to @poloniex or @bittrex (who both have real steemit acccounts ) and they sort it out by who sent it via ur memo) and
heres a screenshot of your wallet (lol im no hacker, its all public, u can go look at my wallet too! we will soon have options for private wallets but i really love this system of seeing how much others have! (when u meet a millionaire here u know for sure they are indeed a millionaire!) go look at at @thejohalfiles and he has ZERO posts and already over 1.4 million US dollars in steempower and steem, (mostly all steempower like 1.3 million or that was weeks ago its probly up to alost 2 million now) anyway he has ZERO posts just comments and upvotes other content he likes ! basically he makes a few thousand dollars a month (2 to 4 grand a month) and he just uses steemit as a paycheck lives off that and has steempower as his savings account u need to check his wallet out , and man u have no idea, steem marketcap just hit fuckin $410 MILLIOn Us dollars in total steem man its fuckin serious now man steem at like $1.80 fuck ya was just 20 cents when i joined in march

dude so yeah steempower takes 3 an a half months or 14 weeks 1 week at a time 1/14th of it once a week, and thats power down, to cash out yoru steempower u dont have to have tseempower tho, u can keep all ur steem as liquid steem or SBD, so ya its a choice, but ya it pays off, and as u power down steem goes up, also u earn interest basicly off ur posts and comments and upvoting (curation) so u can just keep makinmoney even as your powering down but dont powerdownjust say powered up use steemit as savings account man

Love this man! If you get the chance, can you upvote my newest post where I teach you how to become a millionaire with crypto? :) Thanks!

First follower man you kill the street game wish i had balls to trade like you hahah maybe one day if i stalk you long enough

welcome to the steemit community @goodaytraders

I definitely will! I am looking for individuals whom I could learn much about cryptotrading. Thanks!

Users with vesting STEEM have the ability to vote on posts. Voting Power is rate-limited and decays by up to 5% every time a vote is cast. Voting Power regenerates to 100% over 24 hours. Your ability to impact the payouts a post receives is based upon your current Voting Power times the total vesting STEEM and is known as STEEM Power.

Welcome aboard! Follow me at

Yes I watch you on YouTube :) love watching you trade. I've learned a lot. I have not started trading but it's good to learn. I'm wondering if I should move my Bitcoin to ETH or LiteCoin for safety or other coins ... or hold before Aug 1. I'm interested to know what 'you would do' ... xx


Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do :-)

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