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Hey there, I’m Lee!

I enjoy warm hugs, especially when it’s from chubby peoples ^-^

I’ll tell you beforehand though… I don’t have a particular interest in a specific thing. Um, it kind of means that I’m constantly interested in a lot of things. It feels like I’m in a toy shop, and there’s a lot of cool things to explore! At first it was learning the piano. But when I got the hang of it, I moved on to drawing (using oil pastels), then I moved on to calligraphy. After that it was baking, and it keeps going on and on. Although, it does give me lots of experience and skills that are quite useful in the future, which is somewhat a positive outcome, I guess.

Heheh, aside from that, I’m currently playing the kalimba. What is a kalimba, you ask? Well, it is an African musical instrument, quite traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. It consists of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs, the right forefinger, and sometimes the left forefinger. So, yeah ^-^ If you are a kalimba player though, I’d be happy to exchange chords with you!

Writing fictional short stories is also something that I love to do. It depends on the weekly mood; if my week started off rocky, then it’ll be dark stories for the whole week lol.

I also play volleyball in the evening daily, so I’ll probably write at midnight, due to a tight schedule (pfft it’s actually just me trying to procrastinate lmao)

So, this is me ^-^

I'm a bit shy though, so please come and say hi!

Love, Lee <3


Welcome onboard the steem blockchain !!! =) looking forward in reading more of your content

Welcome to steemit @mrsh-lee.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

okayy thanks for the info ^.^

Hi Lee. The church I used to go to when I was really young had a kalimba player. He was a priest who did missionary work in in Zimbabwe.

I hope you'll post a video of music you play and share a link so we can check it out.

Ooo that's great! And yeah i'll try to post a video of me playing it, maybe you can suggest a song for me ^.^

i love volleyball and thanks for the hug

yay we have something in common ^-^
and yeaa no problem dude~

Welcome mrsh-lee!
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