A Reason to intoduce myself properly.

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My Name is Nicholas Gregory Hill. I am a 39 year old living in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. In 2013 I left my job as Area Manager for a huge fast food company and decided to go it alone. I have failed multiple times and started over multiple times since then.
Having no qualifications I decided that the only way I could support myself and family would be to start my own business. I started a Landscaping company with my sister, developed websites and even started a virtual reality architectural visualization company. The nail in the coffin for my small business plans was when I was repeatedly asked, (after demonstrating my product) if I had any qualifications and what schools I had attended. I realized that there was no place for me in the corporate world. You can take a look here at the house I built from plan if you like:

Failure to make money from my otherwise successful endeavors led me to Bitcoin and the crypto currency space. When I first looked at steemit I thought it to be an amazing platform that had potential to change the way we communicate online. I just love the clean, click bait and advertising free interface. What a pleasure it is to have a social media platform that doesn't harvest your data and sell it to advertisers! All of this was great but I could not find a reason to post any content even though the rewards could be great.
A chance encounter with John Bauer. (http://www.johnbauerart.com) A ceramics wizard with high standing within the artist community in South Africa. He has asked me to be the "Steemit Guru" for artists in South Africa. Luckily for me, I have plenty of time on my hands and have proved to myself that I can learn anything.
I have no idea where this will lead and am making no plans. My journey starts tonight when I will be attending an exhibition at Art-B in Bellville. I will be spreading the word about how Steemit can be an extremely valuable platform to elevate artists and bloggers. Could this be the first step to a new economy and a new way of thinking about money? I will leave you with this clip from Alan Watts talking about money:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wish me luck.

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Hi, nice to meet you, i'm also a newbie here. I upvoted you. Please, Check out my intro post too. It'll mean so much to me :)


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