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Hello Steemit!

My name is 74310 and I live in Madrid. I speak english, spanish, portuguese, german and a bit of french and today I am starting my steemit adventure.
I don´t think I have the right to call myself an artist but I like to create stuff. I do all kinds of stuff depending on my mood. I can go from traditional painting, to graffiti, and then switch to creating clothes or doing music. I have learned about the Steemit community and I want to be part of it and I intend to share my creations on a regular basis in here. I hope you all like what I have to offer!

I have been painting for most of my life now and here are some examples of what I have been doing lately:

Escáner_20171227 (4).png

I like to experiment with colours, plain forms and patterns. This is an example of a drawing titled Unfinished XI which was already introduced to the Steemit community by my brother @Venela. Black & White is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.


This is another example of something I am exploring right now. I am starting to create a universe of deformed calligraphy based traces which create little abstract images which I like to call "humanoids".

I hope you liked the first two pictures I posted here. I will keep you updated of my artistic progress or developments in my next post.

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions don´t hesitate to hit the comment section. I believe feedback is always positive!


Grande !! Bienvenido a la familia bro, ya sabes donde estoy para lo que necesites !

Gracias Taitoo!! Un saludo tron

Welcome to steemit my friend !!!!!!!

He aprendido a valorar el arte porque mi esposo es artista y aunque a penas estoy aprendiendo me he enamorado de esta área. Y solo porque otro arte también me encanta te doy esta recomendación, publica tips para aprender idiomas, también soy apasionada de ellos. Sería súper. Te sigo y te voto...

Muchas gracias por tu feedback! Tendré en cuenta lo de los tips para aprender idiomas pero de momento aquí van dos de los más importantes: Viajar mucho y tener una pareja que hable un idioma diferente. También te sigo! Un saludo

bienvenido al club, los colegas de venela son mis colegas tambien, suerte tio

Muchas gracias apolo!

no tienes que darlas estamos para ayudarnos

apoyo al máximo, es un artista !

welcome to steemit!

Why cant you call yourself an artist? Every creator is an artist!

I like your work, and start learning some dutch also, we could have a conversation in my native language then haha!

Goodluck with your art and have fun on steemit!

Yeah, I guess you are right! Thank you for your feedback

more then welcome!

welcome!follow me and visit my blog for steemit and earning tips.

Thank you! I will!

Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you getting involved here and joining in. I hope your experience here is pleasant!

I hope too! Thank you!

Welcome brooooooooooooooo! Hope to read more about ur art work! Je suis Judas

THATS MA BRO !! Welcome to the community. Let's dominate the world.

Hello and Welcome to Steemit!
I followed you if you would like to then follow me back😀

Done! :)

Hey welcome @mr74310

You artwork caught my eye.
Please keep sharing!

Thank You! I will post something today so check it out!

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Hi welcome to steemit. You can join this new whatsapp group for help and tips for you to make it in steemit


Welcome to Steem. Congratulations! It's an awesome community. I followed you. Please follow back. Good Luck.

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Thank You! ⚜

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I like that first photo, cool that you know all those languages
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Hey! Thanks. I tried with post.img to change my profile picture but it still has not worked out.

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