Hello Steemit its me @monsterwhale

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Hello Steemit,

I am @monsterwhale and on this Account you will find me sharing some "Monster theme" based artworks in future!

I got this Account on a very special way, by buying a Steemmonsters Starter pack.


How to get an Account out of a Booster Pack?

...Many of you will allready know this new Steemmonsters collectible card game where card ownership and game results are all published and verifiable on the Steem blockchain.

You can fight against other Card owners and win STEEM, SBDs, upvotes, Cards, and Card Packs which sounds awesome!!!

The starter pack i bought is consisting of 30 pre-selected cards that everyone is required to purchase in order to get started.
This pack costs 10$ which you can pay in different cryptocurrencys, also with steem and SBD.

10$ sounds expensive and yes it is, but now you create a new Steemit Account with the purchase of the Starter pack and this Account will have 3 Steempower locked ;)


Because i loved collectable card games since childhood i think its worth to give this one a chance.

My journey starts here and im glad if you want to go with me on this way! :D


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Am absolutely sure you are going to enjoy it

Welcome to steemit

I have always enjoyed playing card games especially Magic. Welcome to steem!

Hey ! Welcome to Steemit @monsterwhale
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay

Welcome to Steem, @monsterwhale!

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Thank you in advance!

@monsterwhale Great idea You have sir.
I have upvoted and followed you Sir.

Most wellcome at social site steemit.
I hope we perform best post .and get better result soon.soon please help each other in returning they will do will with you it is my hope for you.congratuate best for you for joining steemit.it prove best for us .


Welcome to new world of earning day by day ...
Have nice and safe journey on steemit .
New something funny @sonu4012

i am playing this game, but I know one is that this game wine: how many level are.What you can tell me that this wine, how many level is..??

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HI Welcome to this beautiful group...

Hay bro how are you bro hoe increase steem power

I voted ur post please return meim new user

Wow nice bro good thinking


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Welcome to Steemit. I'm glad to welcome you, I followed you and will support your blog, I hope you follow me. Together we can develop Steemit much faster!

HI Welcome to this beautiful group...

Please upvote me

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