EOS: Solid, long term choices, grounded in idealism

Hello Steemit community! This is my first post here so let me introduce myself. You are reading the ramblings of a full-stack software engineer with his roots in scepticisme and currently living in The Netherlands.


I dabbled around with crypto in 2013/14 developed trading algorithms for the alt-coins, kept an eye on the space in the crypto-winter, and recently re-engaged, reading white papers, discussing topics, experiencing upmost despair and ecstacy day-trading the coins, making some good overall profit from august till december, and thusly decided I was going all in! It felt like coming home, my anarcho-capitalist friends!

In a world with almost infinite possibilities every person has a different way of approaching the challenges ahead. The crypto space is a beautiful example of this, and while discussing these challenges a good friend introduced me to EOS and Daniel Larimer. We watched some youtube videos on EOS, heard him speak and initially blew it off as one of the many people in the crypto space with some strong claims, “profiling” himself at the expense of others. Little did I know ...

The following months, as I was growing in the crypto space, I was confronted with more and more stuff that just made sense and was hard to ignore:

  • Steemit does the total amount of transactions of Ethereum and Bitcoin combined with ease, see for yourself
  • Daniel Larimer has completed 2 successful products in the space, and has built a decentralized exchange in 2013, Bitshares, with market pegged assets built into the protocol
  • He is the inventor of DPOS
  • He has forgotten more than most people know about crypto
  • A libertarian, philosophy driven

Another great point not seen as often these days, this guy is not all about the money. This is not some short term thing, this is grounded in something deeper: Finding Free Market Solutions to Secure Life, Liberty, and Property. This guy believes in something bigger, and the EOS team is, in my humble opinion, making all the right, congruent, long term choices with this new thing of he is creating: EOS.io.

  • A year long ICO
    which allows for an even distribution of coins, important for a democratic distribution.
  • Re-invests the ICO funds in the development community,
    as the infrastructure and applications are paramount to the success of the token, look at Ethereum ICO and kitties.
  • Separates the engineering from the operation
    Solid choice from a liability standpoint and this allows his company to focus on the technology.
  • Airdropping tokens,
    Giving back to the community.
  • Scalability and performance priority,
    His focus on performance and pragmatism will create a system that engineers will want to use, which is based on pragmatism.
  • Third version,
    As any good software engineer worth his salt knows it takes a couple of rewrites to get it right, as you need to get a feel of the domain you are working in. You have to experience all the tradeoffs by actually experiencing the product you’ve created. As this is his third big project, and he can build on what he produced before, this will increase the probability the project finishes on schedule and delivers what is promised.

Good solid, long term choices, based on experience. This is something I want to invest my time and money in. Time in the form of sharing my experiences while developing on the EOS platform, money as in accumulating as many EOS tokens as possible!

The time is Now, Steam On, Crypto Crusaders!

EOStalk.io - forums.eosgo.io- Telegram - EOS Reddit- EOS.io - Github-EOSIO - Steemit - Discord


Welcome to steemit

Hi on Steem... Welcome... Enjoy your stay here...

Thank you! Feeling welcome already :-)

Welcome here @monetashi :)

I believe any project from Dan is going to succeed because as you mentioned Bitshare and steem are so successful and getting a more popular every day.
That's why I believe is going to be one top 5 cryptocurrencies in 2019 :D


Yes, after reading the whitepaper of bitshares I could not believe it is not adopted more by the community, probably way ahead of time

Welcome to Steemit @monetashi upvote :D

welcome to steemit, monetashi!

Great post @monetashi ! You just gave me some good news to adjust my direction in crypto world ;-)

Hai datatreemap, we are collecting data over multiple exchanges. Maybe something to visualize on let me know if you want a sample :-)

Welcome to steemit @monetashi how are you? I'm happy that you joined this awesome community. =)
I wish you all the best and good luck.

Thank you :-)

Welcome to Steemit! I'm a huge fan of EOS as well. Over the past several months I've been gradually converting some of my Bitcoin holdings into EOS because I feel that EOS has much greater long term potential. I enjoyed your post and now following you on here. Looking forward to more of your content. :)

welcome @monetashi

it's good to have some more sane people here on steemit. Looking forward to your future posts


That's why i have made investment in EOS since its price around $2, they have experience of developers of team. They have knew about the all of the weakness of digital coins and EOS is solution of the blockchain to be more better in the future.

Very nice post @monetashi, I think your knowledge will help you succeed really fast here(compared to most newbies, like me for example, lol)! Upvoted, followed, and re-steemed. Welcome and good luck! ♡ @amatchgirl

Thank you for the welcome @amatchgirl from Canada!

Good to be following something who seems to know their stuff! I really need to complete the registration of my EOS tokens. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say about Bts and EOS!

Welcome to Steemit. Excellent post my friend. I am a big supporter of EOS and look forward to more posts from you about programing and EOS.

Welcome to Steemit!
I'm a huge fan of bitshares & eos aswel,
it's going to be a great, great year 🤗

Yes, it is gonna be an interesting ride! :-)

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Nice to meet you!
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Woww, so much information that I do not know, thanks for sharing it, I am new in the world of cryptocurrency. I hope to continue reading this interesting post.. welcome final 4.jpg


Thank you for this wonderful welcome :-)

Finally you are on steemit! Can't wait to see more of your posts.

Heh good friend! As we speak I am preparing a new one ;-)

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What an awesome post, welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to steemit! Enjoy this plataform. Its great!

Great introduction @monetashi! I just upvoted you! Your knowledge of crypto is very interesting I'll be following your account. Follow me @relsserd. I post about cryptocurrency!

Welcome to steemit! Enjoy this plataform. Its great!

Excelente Post,Espero contar con tu apoyo, La unión hace la fuerza mientra mas unidos Todos ganaremos suerte

Welcome to steemit brother! I told you will find your space here! Following and resteeming.

Artakush jumps back to the bush...

Welcome @monetashi Looking forwatd to reading more posts as I am very new to cryptocurrencies but very interested in finding out more. It's incredible to think that as the mainstream news are omly starting to talk about bitcoin and ethereum, steemit has already outperformed the both of them. You 'll meet some diverse and interesting people here! Enjoy ;-)

Welcome! Looking forward to future articles from you!

Oh cool, you can see your interest in this world of cryptocurrency. excellent post blessed to steemit. I follow you and vote you go through my profile when you can.

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
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All the Best!!!

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warm welcome to you , Im sure you could show a great talent with us, welcome again

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Welcome to steemit.

Welcome, EOS is gonna be a good I watched ETH got form $9 a coin 11/17 to $900 12/18 think EOS can make a similar move in a 13 months time?

Based on marketcap I personally believe this is not an unrealistic estimate. Especially taking into account the applications that will be running on EOS. I believe a lot of applications and decentralized exchanges will move to EOS.

Hello sir! Welcome to steemit 😊

Hello! Welcome to steemit 😊

Welcome to steemit friend. I hope to see your publications, very interesting introduction, I am also new to steemit I would like you to follow me, I follow you.

Welcome to Steemit handsome 😊

Hi, @monetashi and thank you for strenghtening my belief in EOS and Dan. Looking forward to more of your posts.

Hai cocktailguy, thanks, I will be posting more on EOS in the coming weeks

You are welcomed to steem!

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Hello ❤ Great post, I hope you enjoy every second within the community and give your best at every moment.
I must say that I loved your #Introduceyourself is great for me to read the post of the other steemians on this platform ... Thank you for taking the time to write about yourself, about your life and let me know a part of what you are. I hope to read more about you soon, as well as I hope you can succeed in this social network.
By the way, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that, like you, I'm starting in this platform and I made my first post, I would greatly appreciate it if you read it and if you like it, give me a vote, comment something, give me resteem or follow me, I'll do the same if you want.
Without further ado, I say goodbye. I remain attentive to your next publications. 💋
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