New to steemit? Here are some tips to help you understand how it works!

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This morning I commented on a new steemian's post asking for tips and advice when joining Steem. When I had finished writing it all down it had turned into a blog post in it's own right!
I'm re-sharing it again in a way that's easier to find.

Teddy says Hi!

Here are some Tips & tricks that I've learned after my first month on Steemit:

-The best advice I've heard is to create original content. Just be you. There are already lots of people reposting 9gag images which is just filling the space and letting good posts fall in between the cracks.

-Steemit is like when you first opened your FB account. You need to make friends. Don't follow for the sake of following because your home page will be full of things you don't enjoy. You can go through and mute someone if you're following them but don't want to see their content.

-Comments are worth as much as an original post and people can upvote comments, so make it a good one. Also if someone is asking for help you can boost their return by upvoting their comments.

-Upvotes are not the same as likes on any other social media. It is you saying " I believe in this post enough to back it financially. "

-Your voting power diminishes every time you vote and takes quite long to reload, so make it count.
You can see how much your vote is worth by going to Here you can also look up the value of anyone else's account.

-Your wallet is visible to everyone. Likewise, you can see anyone else's wallet. However, no one can move funds out of your account without your passcodes.

-If you like a post and want to easily find it again you can resteem it. That's the equivalent of sharing a post. No one can see if you have upvoted a post aside from going through a plugin/ app/ site.

Everything you post will be on the blockchain forever. You can't delete posts (eek!) but you can edit them.
If you spot an offensive or just plain bad post you can flag it which pushes down the creator's reputation.

I hope that was helpful. What other advice do you have about making the most of your time on Steemit?

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Have a great day!
Lizelle @moderndragon

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Have a Jessica Alba gif and an upvote, now tell me, how welcome do you feel?

Welcome to Steemit @moderndragon, I have upvoted and sent you a tip. Check my blogs if you are looking for tips on how to earn more Steem and SBD.

nice guidance! thanks a lot. upvote and support me @kunani

Nice post! I looked at your profile and noticed that you have made a fresh account so I'm gonna support you. This post deserves an upvote and we're all waiting to hear more from you!
As a fresh steemian it can be hard to recieve votes so you should try out Steemfollower where you can earn up to 5x more steem than just upvoting by yourself! It's a simple and safe vote exchange that is free to use. I compiled this post to explain the system in more depth and it has become my most upvoted post yet.

Thankyou for your reply on my post, and all the extra relevant info here. Glad you could use that long reply to your benefit (automatic new post creation!!) :) I appreciate your advice.


Hehe. If not, why not :) I'm glad if you found the info helpful!
I had a look at your new post about Zentangle Mona Lisa but the video wouldn't work. It seems like the network is having trouble because I tried another 3 video's and they didn't work either. I will try again in a while.
I was home schooled and I am an artist so really interested in seeing what you come up with :)

Welcome to Steem Community @moderndragon! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Great post Liz, it is really useful, I learn something :) That link is really cool I wondered how to see what my voting power was!