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Me, myself and my words ... and my monogramsteemCreated with Sketch.


My only claim to fame is that my Twitter account ( ) is followed by the @Steemit Twitter account ( ).
Why? I can only guess.


The following is a breakdown of my ABOUT:

Internet Entrepreneurship Consultant

I have tried my hand at a number of different ventures: failed at nearly all of them.

As such I live to share my experiences of failing fast and often, learning from those failures, and then pivoting or trying something else.

IT employee

I DO NOT want to talk about this.



I caught the liberty bug in 2015 after months of persuasion by a friend who shared with me articles from, specifically those attributed to Doug Casey. The anarchism of Tyler Durden of scared me. Later on I discovered the minarchism of and Jeffrey A. Tucker. Minarchism was more appealing to me then but not necessarily in the future. It is my belief that technology will eventually render government redundant and allow for complete anarchism: a situation that will be widely accepted due to the resulting widespread human gains.


Cryptography fascinates me as it enables privacy through encryption and decentralization through blockchains.


Even before I learnt of the need for liberty from government, I knew privacy was important, now I consider privacy as a basic human right similar to the right to property and the right to life.


As a disclaimer, I think decentralization is my new religion. I caught the blockchain bug in 2016 after another friend suggested to look into mining bitcoin as a source of passive income. The economics of bitcoin mining did not appeal to me but I fell in love with how the blockchain allowed for trustless transactions that could render redundant the corruptible centralized institutions trusted today.


I think a lot about a lot of different things and sometimes formulate ideas: some profound and some just dumb.


I think a lot about the future and how technology will create widespread wealth and liberate humankind.

Although I have only heard of Timothy Leary's SMIILE—Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension, I believe in the general idea.

My idea of utopia in my lifetime involves self-sufficient mobile homes capable of flying and floating. Submerging and nondeteriorative spaceflight would be bonuses. This allows for decentralization to the home and to the individual if the home has a single occupant.


I grew up watching TCM—Turner Classic Movies and somehow developed a taste for critically acclaimed films and cult classics.

I watch anything that is watchable and will not rot my brain. I even watch films that suggest the West defeated the Nazis as along as they have an interesting micro plot or captivating effects.

I prefer films over books but the very few times I have read the books that were adapted into films, I preferred the books. A Song of Ice and Fire is currently my favourite literary work while its adaptation is also my current audiovisual favourite. I consider some streaming content as good or even better than cinema releases.


I grew up listening to a lot of radio, especially when 'doing my homework.' Hiphop was my favourite genre but I feel I am outgrowing it. My fondness for Disco, Funk and Soul can be linked to a Kool & the Gang CD my father had that I lent to a neighbour for social credit and never got it back. This is my confession. I also have a soft spot for Rhythm&blues and Neo-soul.

My mood or current activity dictates what I listen to:

  • Classical mainly for the cello
  • Jazz mainly for the double bass
  • Blues mainly for the bass guitar
  • Roots-reggae when I want to relax
  • Rock&roll for the psychedelic high
  • Pop and Rock for the catchy lyrics
  • Hiphop for the flow, narratives, insults and bravado
  • Kwaito, EDM and House when I want shut off my mind to work out or do any tiresome physical activity



My interest in the beautiful game may have started before the 1998 FIFA World Cup, but it definitely peaked and plateaued after the underdog in the final won that international football tournament. At the time the English Premier League was one of the most popular club football tournaments in the world. It attracted players and fans from all over the world. A certain London club had won the domestic double that year and that made them attractive to follow and then support.

Notice how I use football to describe a game mainly played by moving around a ball with the feet rather than using another rather disgusting term North Americans like to use so that they can use football to describe a game mainly played by moving around a ball with the hands. Obviously, exceptions exist for both games but those are only minor, but admittedly important, aspects of each game. I am not even going to go into the differences in fan-base and economics.


I think vegetarianism and veganism are unhealthy and unnatural.

Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.
Denis Leary

Everything else that is not meat, I eat for the obvious nutritional benefits. I prefer fats to carbs. Sugar is my alcohol.

1.68m 68kg

While allowing for margins of error on both measurements, note that the combination is maintained by:

  • genetics
  • active lifestyle (I walk to and from work and use the stairs more often than not)
  • physical exercise (Nike Training Club)
  • my version of a daylight diet (I rarely eat anything at night)

0 to 15m above Nairobi

I live and work on the third floor of two different buildings about a kilometre apart from each other.


The following is a monogram I use on the Internet instead of my face in an attempt to maintain some privacy.

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Quite a descriptive introduction. I think I can describe you more accurately than I can describe myself, now ;)


This could lead to a book: the autobiography of my mind, if I write enough material using Steem as step by step motivation.


welcome to steemit...^^