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Hi lovely New Steemians,

I know that there are lots of new informations out there about this community. But I think here you will find something really useful for your first days. 

(1) How to make smilies. You can not use the normal way like :-), you can but it will not shown as you want. Use the codes below and in the preview you will see the smilie. You can also use it in comment fields. 

😁😁 😉😉
😂😂 😊😊
😃😃 😋😋

Please find a full list here:

(2) Another problem for me was to center pictures or some of my textes. For that please use

At the beginning of the the text/image <center>                    And at the end </center>

f.e. <center>This is a test text</center>

(3) For creating two Column please use 

For the left side  <div class=pull-left>Text for the left side</div> 

For the right side <div class=pull-right>Text for the right side</div>


This text will be shown in the left column.

This text will be shown in the right column.

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welcome to steemit @mirkmarvel, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

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This is immensely helpful! Thank you ~

Happy to read that, thanks

Nice, it was very helpful.

😇 Thanks

Hi how are You

I am fine, thanks. How are you?

Not understand this system with upvote

Great post! :D It's so important receive some advices! Thank you, @mirkmarvel!

Thank you

Oh, thank you!! Saved this hehehe.


Why each time i get a vote i not have any cent why is that

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