500 followers milestone. Thank y'all!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

YAY! I've reached 500 followers milestone and it feels like

I mean seriously. As a person who literally was inactive in Facebook...Twitter...Instagram...Snapchat... i literally have 0 interest sitting there and it was like that since the beginning of Social Media Era.It just felt always that i have nothing to show,post,comment or i was kind of shy and overthinking guy...Anyways , since i moved to USA 2 years ago my life dramatically changed in every aspects of it.

I'm in my yearly 20 and 2 best things ever happened to me recently!!!

  1. My decision to move to US!
  2. Steemit and cryptocurreny world!

What i have learned in one month being Steemian ?

  • Interaction, connection and just warm chats are best healers(if you r not money focusing guy)
  • In this social media i've seen so big potential and i told myself if i'm gonna miss that opportunity i can't forgive myself
  • Copy/pasting posts or stealing articles doesn't not improve you in this community.
  • We are growing rapidly recently and you should not withdraw in the early stage and keep grow your STEEM POWER !
  • Make sure you are posting consistently and showing at least some activities in the community.
  • It is still in a baby stage and we are the ones that giving the boost to the community.
  • We can make Steemit a wonderful platform which learned a lot from the past and create something magnificent as ONE.
  • I coudn't write a damn whole article in the beginning, don't focus on what you don't have and focus what you can learn.
  • Be patient and don't focus on how much money your posts make
  • Do it for fun and for yourself.
  • Give,give,give,give and you shall receive.
  • Make sure you using markdowns properly

My plans on Steemit

  • Get as much attention as i can get
  • Bring value to the people
  • Improve my writing skills
  • Educate myself( Steemit" trending" post like protein snacks for the brain)
  • In 1 year get significant results on my growth and start spreading this amazing SM in 4 languages.


I truly appreciate your upvotes!comments!reestems!


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congrats keep steemit upvoted you


thanks mate!

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Welcome to Steemit mirage.

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