CRYPTO Addict!

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It official! I'm now a Cryptocurrency Addict!

So many of you are going to cringe when you hear this...

I was first introduced to Bitcoin around when it first was introduced to the public and I could have bought it for One (1) dollar!
The usual story, like most sheep I thought it was just a fad and that is was just pretend money for the internet, how I was wrong.

Bit coin.jpg

Anyway I forgot about it for years and years until a friend told me about Ethereum and this new Blockchain Thing.


So as a sceptic does, I squirmed and squinted and had the same old thoughts again just like I did with Bitcoin.
It took some weeks until after researching ETH, ICO's and other Crypto the brain went BING! And the light bulb finally came on.

So, here is the lesson I have learnt again, I could have bought ETH for $20 yes that right I missed the early boat again!!!

So today I just jumped in the deep end and got me some CRYPTO! And now I'm no longer a sheep and I'm fully awake and I'm now addicted to CRYPTO!

I had 3 hours sleep last night working out how to buy and sell, how to open various wallets and doing my first nervous transaction of a whopping $20, I was shitting myself when I hit send! It disappeared from my account and my arsehole tightened as it floated in cyber space and then finally showed up in my trading account! Funny right $20 I was shitting myself, I'm sure everyone has had that firs feeling with their first transaction?


Anyway the transaction are getting larger as I drain my bank account.

To all the people thinking of getting into Cryptocurrency, it is never too late!

Thanks for reading @mindscape


welcome Mindscape to Steemit!! . I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

Thanks and Im following you.

Welcome to Steemit! If you have questions - ask me @dobroman

Congratulations - it's never too late to join a party!!

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