Doctors told this man that his arm could not get any better than this, an arm that has a hook kind of shapesteemCreated with Sketch.

Mainstream Science does not have an explanation or answer for this (yet)

Last week i did an energetic healing on this man's left arm which, after a motorcycle accident many years ago, was broken. His arm never healed completely and the result was that he could not straighten his arm anymore, it would have a severe angle like a hook.
In the first 5 minutes of the healing session I witnessed his reaction and he started to stretch his arm with ease and grace .. he could not believe what he was feeling and experiencing, after 20 minutes it was almost straight and without any pain. His fysiotherapist told him that it would never be any better and gave up on any improvements.
The next day he told me that he slept all through the night, normally he would wake up because of the pain. On top of it all he was carrying some groceries with his left arm.
I can now say to you all that what happens in the treatments is pure magic and sets a new way of treating any issue !!

Blessed I AM doing this beautiful work


For treatments write me in inbox or [email protected]
I work face to face and long distant Divine Flames

The feedback

the difference between two arms
Screenshot 2017-11-13 17.28.40.png

After the healing session

2017-09-07 22.19.41.jpg


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