I love introductions!

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Introduction is a very important part of something that you would want to start.. If you are going to do a lecture, introductions could make your audience stay on their seats or leave; in business, you could possibly gain or lose a client, in relationship, it could be a turn off or turn on, or in steemit, you could gain upvotes and followers or people might get bored with a long introduction (like i might be doing now :-)) and lose potential friends.. but please be patient, i would like to be your friend!


First of all i would like to thank the family of @johngentry for introducing me to steemit!

My name is Maryjane Gadin, most people call me Mj. I am a grateful wife of a programmer and a patient mom of a preschooler.


My family and I are currently living in the historical city of Lapu Lapu in Cebu. It is in an isolated island in Cebu which i am so excited to explore and share here in Steemit. I am working as a Company Nurse in an Electroplating industry which basically plates metals, woods and a lot more, we plate the way you want it!


When i am not at work, i usually stay home doing wifey and momsy things, or just go around strolling the city with my husband and kid. I love nature and adventure...


And i love playing Tennis..


I am passionate about people.. Ever since childhood, our family has moved to a lot of places, each of these place i made a lot of friends and i am happy about it, and when i started working, i realize that my calling is to be around people, inspiring them, making a meaningful impact in their lives and loving them!


And as i start here in Steemit, i look forward on more meeting people, sharing dreams and making more friends!

Thank you Steemit for these opportunity!

I love to be your friend and be in this journey with me, please follow me @MjGadin and i will surely follow you!


Welcome! Resteem ur post

Welcome to Steemit Mj ! Beautiful family! I love your post and looking forward to see more of you.

Thank you for the welcome! Im glad you like my post.

You're welcome!

Welcome, I wish you all the success on Steemit.. :)

Welcome to steemit community. Hope you can create personal works for more people, confident yourself to be yourself, my best regards @adoelesteem

Thank you so much! I was excited and a bit nervous doing the introduction, but im sure ill be fine next time and still excited.

welcome to steemit I hope we are very helpful as you are with us.

we are with you

Welcome to the family bro!

Good luck on Steemit. I had to look up Cebu on Google Maps.

Cebu is in the Philippines.. Central Visayas.

love your horse

Welcome to Steemit Maryjane, beautiful post!

Welcome to Steemit! :)

Thank you Maam Karen! It feels good to be here on Steemit :-)

Maayung buntag mj! Welcome to steemit!

Maayong buntag sad sa imo @joanderit!

welcome to steemit, nice

Happy steemit !!! cheers

A warm welcome to the amazing place of Steemit. I hope you will enjoy it here and post some epic content. Write about your passions and you will be of to a good start.

I will surely write about it! Thank you for this great advise!

Welcome to the family, @mgadin. 😊

If you love people then you went to the right place. Steemit is all about people and engaging them.

I look forward to reading more of your content

It feels like i am in the right place. Thanks to you.

Welcome to steemitfamily

Welcome to Steemit, MJ. 😊 I'm a fellow newbie. Hehe! 😉

Hi @gingbabida! Welcome to Steemit too!

I love introductions!

Welcome to steemit :)

Welcome to the family @mgadin

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