Hello! My name is Dmitry Shakhov and I am engaged in fractal graphics!

Hello! My name is Dmitry Shakhov and I am engaged in fractal graphics! I'm from Russia - harsh, beautiful and snowy)
He started in the distant 2011, went through various difficulties, everyday, social-behavioral and, of course, creative.
When I started, there was very little like-minded people, they could be counted on fingers. Now there are many more, which is very encouraging and inspiring.
I am well versed in some programs-generators of fractal graphics, and even participated in their localization for the Russian-speaking population. Accordingly, I am ready to share my experience in everything I know. Also with partner Andrew we created a wonderful fractalus (Fractalis.ru) - a forum about fractal education. Currently I'm programming a little in different languages ​​of web development (but I'm constantly learning!), I create fractals and do web development, as well as photography.
Glad to greet everyone on STEEMIT!


Добро пожаловать!

спасибо за поддержку!


ПРивет и тебе тоже)

You're very welcome here at Steemit!

@meskalinerush Salutas, comorad!

Рады видеть еще одного русскоязычного пользователя! На Голосе мой ник такой же, там аакаунт у меня посильнее будет, а тут пока наедаю жир)) если что пиши в коментах к мои постам.. ;)

@tandemus Рад взаимно! обязательно)

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