Good day fellow STEEMIANS! I am so glad that I am finally a member of this growing community. So please allow me to introduce myself to the STEEMIT WORLD!   

  As I welcome myself to this world of great minds and creative ideas, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Emil Camilio S. Macan, a 22 years old Mechanical Engineering student, a brother, a friend, and most of all a dreamer. Last year I was told by my friend and mentors @mikekenlytungal and @philiparniebinag to enter the STEEMIT COMMUNITY hesitated since I have lots of projects going on I have a hectic schedule, I told them that I will finish my projects first and I assure you that I will join the STEEMIT COMMUNITY. It is my honor to finally be a part of this growing and evolving community, with this I can share my knowledge about life, sports, arts, love, and many more. Please allow me to express my ideas, skills and talents in this community.     

 My life revolves in the saying “Keep it simple”. Me, myself want everything to be simple, why complicate everything when you can keep it simple, right? With this, I hope to get a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and hoping that after getting that degree, HE will allow me to pass the board exam and get the prestige license. With the help of my fellow student, colleagues, friends, and steemians, I hope to achieve this dream of mine.    

  As I start my journey as a STEEMIANS, I know that STEEMIT is getting bigger, please help me welcome in this awesome platform and community. I am excited to express and share my ideas, skills, and thoughts. I am eager to explore this community and to discover amazing talents and great minds.   




Hi, welcome to Steem

thank you soo much @cigarguy, have a nice day ahead.

Hi and welcome, you finally made a right decision in joining steemit. I suggest you to follow the most notable member of this awsome community. They can guide you more than I can do. If you're not yet on my Group chat, inform me if you want. If there's something I can help you with, never hesitate to connect with me either way possible.

I am looking forward to see your best content here and wish that I could finally know more about the awsomest version of yourself.

Connect with the people around you. Maybe a local steemians out there or perhaps someone you meet on a bus. This way you will gain friendship and support both social and emotional.

Remember you are the only you. Be unique and find yourself different from others. Reward yourself by doing only what you love to do. Be creative, there is no easy money but there joy in hardship and hardness. Work smart not hard. Laverage your idea by reading other's content.

Gain trust by abstaining plagiarism. Copying is not a solution to your problems nor a way to achieve your dreams.

Remember that steemit really can support a living. We have seen evidence that there are people like us here who earn more than profissionals earned from their profission. Steemit pays for efforts, so seek for it.

Forget about money, just create content from the things that you love. Enjoy steeming and everything will be put into please. In short, everything will follow, the rewards, the recognition, and the acknowledgment.

Always think positive, never give up steeming. You may not get much in your first year but I'm sure and it is clear that 5 years from now you will reap good harvest if you don't give up. Remember steemit is a long term journey.

Happy steeming buddy. I hope that you will connect with me so that I can help you the best way I can.

thank you soo much bro @josephfugata i will do my best in this community! God Bless

Welcome to Steem. Congratulations! It's an awesome community. I followed you. Please follow back. Good Luck.

thank you so much @steemcafe, have a great day ahead!

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to hear your stories. Please check ny blog as well. Thank you!

thank you soo much @engrdrdarwin. have a nice day ahead!

welcome to this community ...hopefully you can reach what you want on this community ...

thank you soo much @lopezdacruz!

Welcome aboard @melsmacan. Have great time here! Don't hesitate to DM me if you have questions🤗

Enjoy steeming buddy💯

thank you soo much bro

Just dropping by welcoming and saying, success is for those who crave for it and success will come in your way through your hard work and dedication. I wish all the best for your career here at Steemit melsmacan. I wish you success in your own simple ways! Mabuhay!

thank you soo much @invictuz!

Welcome to the family Mels! Karon pajud naopen sako account. Sorry hihi Welcome welcome welcome amigotron! 🎉

Mels hahaha