Hello, I'm meanbees and I'm a Beekeeper.

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Hello I'm @meanbees and I'm a (hobbyist) Beekeeper.


I've been a Wannabeekeeper most of my life.

I became a Beehaver in September of 2012 but it wasn't until late May 2014 that I became an official Beekeeper;that is, I managed to "keep" bees for one full year through the winter.

I got interested in Bees as a kid after seeing an observation Hive at the local Science Museum.


I'm excited about the possibilities for steemit, d.tube and this whole decentralization idea. I will give it my effort gladly.

The idea of uncensor(able) speech needs to be supported by everyone for everyone. That's how it works. Just make sure to add the correct "Not $afe For Work" tag.


I hope to add some good (PG:) content on Beekeeping and Queen rearing soon.

I've got some Queen rearing videos using my custom Nicot frame in the works and should be posting them soon. So make sure to Follow me.

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Welcome to steemit


Thanks, I'm excited to be here. I can see the possibilities and I hope to help make them come true.

Welcome to Steem, @meanbees!

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Welcome, meanbees! Wish you an awesome journey here in this fun-loving community :) All the Best

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I have joined, Thanks.

Welcome! The Nicot system can be very temperamental, but once you get it down it works. Best of luck with your queen rearing. Feel free to join us on the Blockchain Beekeepers Discord -> https://discord.gg/RwmvvFH


Thanks, I just joined you on discord. I've been following you on steem for some time now.
I have 9 Queen cells about to hatch. I hope to post soon.

Hi there! Welcome to the community. I just posted a blog that might help beginners. Here's the link https://steemit.com/success/@ayerz/the-key-to-success-on-steemit
I also gave you upvote and started following you now. Wish you success here. Have a bee day!☺️


Thanks, I hope to have some new stuff soon. I checked out your link thanks for the info. Up voted.

Greetings new members
Happy to see you join Steemit, if any questions about this platform, please click www.steemithelp.net
Kind regards


Thank you I will check it out.


You're welcome 👍


Welcome to Steemit. It's really a good platform for the nurturing authors and for the people who want to share their good work with the world. You'll surely have a nice time here. Lots of good wishes and good luck to you!! :):)


I hope to have something worth following.
This Steemit d.tube idea is worth my attention and effort.

Hi @meanbees! It's nice to see you here!