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Hello All Steemians!!

I'm Jason ( McBitty) and I live in Colorado and Florida. I've recently sold my medical marijuana business and fully engage in buying and selling crypto currencies, which lead me to Steemit.

Along with Crypto trading, I do consulting work for the cannabis industry, also I own a trucking company and have my realestate license. The crazy thing that i've found is, i'm making more money than any of these businesses combined with Cryptocurrencies trading, all while staying home with my 3 kids!

Now that i'm a stay at home dad which allows me to raise them properly, i can also enjoy wild success with trading and steemit. I took $1000 not long ago to invest in crypto and it exploded! I cashed out my initial $1000 and now I trade with only my profits!!! Since then the prices of all these coins have exploded even more... Everyday i wake up and i'm glued to my computer to watch all the excitment. This is a truly amazing time and i hope it continues.

Besides raising 3 Boys and Crypto trading, I enjoy:

Boating, fishing, scuba diving, snowboarding, movies, comedy clubs, poker, traveling, football ( Broncos & Buccaneers),
realestate specultaion, retro video games, Jeeping in the mountains or mud in FL, and anything else that isn't boring like a 9-5 job.

Anywho,, thanks for reading a little about me and i will be sure to read a little about everyone here like You!!!

Happy New year!! 2018 is going to be bright!!!!


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Welcome to the best community ever. Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan

Awesome!! thank you so much. I followed you and will share the vote love...

Seems like you've dipped into many buckets! Love your passion for life.

One day I hope to be at home with my children whilst supporting a passive income. Enjoy their youth and appreciate every moment.

Crypto's for now, families forever.

Thank you croninberg!! Hard work always pays off. :) Thanks for reading.

nice to meet you and i think it is great that you can make money trading crypto, that's a cool story

Congratulations to you my friend, I welcome you to a beautiful friendship relation with us and look forward to a long term association with us. I wish we share loads of beautiful moments to be cherished forever.

Please follow me and upvote my posts. Thanks!

Done and Done. Thanks for showing your support!!!

Welcome to Steemit! I also just starting trading. Don't have much to play with, but i can see myself one day mot needing my full time job so much. Fingers crossed.

You'll get there, stay deligent. Happy New Year!!
Thanks for reading my post.