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Hello my friends all, how are you. May you all be in good health and be well. I'm @maulidyunuss, I just joined in social media steemit. And I will introduce myself to you all. My name is maulid yunuss, I was born in Seunuddon, June 6, 1996. I live in North Aceh, Indonesia. I am a student at one of the universities in Aceh. I have a hobby of fishing, singing, and playing soccer. I will always want to share in this social media steemit. I joined in steemit, because it was introduced by my friend @ronalassidiq a few days ago. After that I immediately register my steemit account. Many thanks to @ronalassidiq for introducing steemit to me.



Thank you for visiting my post and I thank you. Good luck always for Indonesian steemit community.

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Good luck in steemit!

selamat datang di dunia steemit, 1 vote

May you also be in good heath @maulidyunuss. Through this message, I would like to welcome you to the new members to our amazing Steemit community. Congratulations for your selection to the most awesome platform. All the best for your stay here. Steem on!

terima kasih banyak, semoga menjadi teman steemit yang lebih baik. mohon bantuan nya.

nice to meet you!!
I’m @jyoungking2 Start by following people and they will do the same.
Have a good day

yes, i do it. thanks


*Welcome, I wish you all the success on Steemit. I will be following you...

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welcome to the crypto-currency universe