Hello, Steemit!

Friends are fun most of the time. Although when one of my Storhaug favela gangster-friends, Susanne, started talking about this new website, Steemit, a blog portal, I didn't give it much consideration. Me?! Blogging? My mind got filled with 

a) Pictures of big biceps, squatting asses and flexed pecs in gyms

b) Babes and their tiny dogs and low-cal soymilk smoothies.

c) Xenophobic neo-nazis proclaiming the end of the world since and the coming muslim invasion since the first day they were able to buy a kebab in Stavanger, a rather small Norwegian coastal city.

d) Ovese grown-up persons streaminf construction of Lego Star Wars collectors edition on their Youtube-channel.

This obviously tells more about me then what blogging really is about, but being a doctor specializing in neurology, avid reader, kind of foodie (though I hate that word!) and newspaper enthusiast, I didn't automarically fit in any of the given categories (although d) sounds tempting, right?), and therefore never though about starting blogging.

Two weeks of warerboarding later, here I am. I'll write a few posts, and take it from there, but I promise you: no cats or biceps!

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