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Hi Steemians,

My name is Allan Masterson and I’m new to the steemit community. I started using the platform as a way to write about and reflect on some of my personal experiences. I’ve been writing for about a week now and so far it’s been great!


I’m a Canadian student in my mid-20’s from Niagara Falls Ontario. I’ve studied economics and political science and I have a graduate degree in philosophy. Most of my experience is in the arts, but I’m currently working on a degree in neuroscience and biochemistry in beautiful Nova Scotia.


I spend most of my free time learning about socio-political issues. I’m interested in things like border policy, improving our democracy, understanding behaviour, and evaluating our legal system. I’m hoping to use steemit as a way to share some of my thoughts and to get some feedback from the community. I’m really excited to be on this platform and I look forward to contributing some great original content!


Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Welcome to Steemit @mastersa!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

Welcome to the STEEM

I am also new to steem
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Hi @mastersa! Welcome to Steemit! I'm new here as well, been about a couple days and still trying to figure my way around. Regardless, always a pleasure to meet a fellow Canuck!

Nice to meet you!

you are welcome !

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@mastersa Welcome here dear... Glad to see you here.... Hope just like your ,#introduceyourself post your every post gets on top and you achieve your goal using steemit... Do view my profile and follow me to get one of the amazing valueable blogs on steemit!!!! Thanks=)

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Hello Allan, welcome to steemit. I can't wait to check out some of your content. I love a political discourse. Looking forward to checking out some of your content.

Welcome @mastersa, just read a few of your articles and I like your writing. Many issues, messages, and narratives portrayed in the media and public often lack proper context or the other side of the story that is the bigger picture. It's as if their message was simply one dimensional leading to a simple generalized conclusion so without asking the real pertinent questions we will never get the genuine answers. We sure need more critical thinking skills in the public. Wishing you success on Steemit!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. 😊

Hello @mastersa!, good morning how are you, it's nice to meet you, I'm also new to steemit and I'm learning to familiarize myself little by little with this beautiful community.

Greetings and Welcome to the Steem Community @mastersa!

You can also check out the @MinnowSupport Project (MSP), a community of Steemians on Discord Chat where you can interact, chat, network, and learn with other members of the Community! There is even a Steem based radio station there with shows and music created by Steemians, @MSP-Waves! Hop in the @MinnowSupport Pond and say hello sometime if you'd like!

Hello again, and Welcome to the Steem Community @mastersa!

I would love to feature your new introduction post in my weekly curation feature if you don't mind! You can find it on my @Ma1neEvent Profile.

Hope you are enjoying your steem experience so far!

That's awesome thank you!

Welcome to the Steemit community @mastersa!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for here and have found a new home here.

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Have fun and happy Steeming!

I love Canada. Welcome. Great photos. Fun. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Hi, Welcome to Steemit.
The subjects you are interested in Steemit is a honey pot. :)

Welcome to the steemit community. Where people actually help and support one another. Good luck on your steemit journey!

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Welcome Allan
to the Steemit platform, Yes its happening you are a steemian now. This is the moment to warm welcoming you as a new user. And you receive this message because you used the #introduceyourself tag!

I was welcomed with good advice too when I started so here i am. I know that steemit may seem very overwhelming right now but don't worry. After a few blog you will be the best blogger and contributor.
If you have any questions just ask your questions on any of my blog posts and I'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have!
I may know the answer. But very important I recommend you to never give up any off your passwords they are yours ! Please for safety tips read and visit the white paper.
To easy post use Partiko and to control your account use Steemify. The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and its Free.
It gives you insight on what is happening in your account.
Maybe great to join Steemterminal in Discord and visit @heyhaveyamet to See more newcomers onboard.
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Good Luck, Have fun and I wish you loads of success on here! :) oh and there are a few other Canadians out there if you want I get you their names
GREETZ from Holland

hello, nice to meet. Welcome to community.

Welcome to Steem, Allan! Glad to read that you're enjoying yourself since that is the best reason to do anything. Wishing you joy and success as you share your thoughts and experiences with the chain.

We encourage everyone to explore the various posts and to leave personal comments on those that you wish (for example - thoughts regarding the content or a sharing of a similar experience you've had). This platform thrives through interaction as it's the best way to build relationships with other Steemians while finding communities and initiatives that peak your interests.

We like to advise bloggers to cite if images, videos, etc. used in their posts are of their own creation. This practice gives the creators an opportunity to have it clearly labeled that the works portrayed are the rightful property of the party posting it.

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Welcome to the Steem Community.

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Welcome! I am a newcomer as well and plan to be blogging on Steemit for life now!

Hello, i'm also new to Steemit. Still learning new stuffs on here. I am a journalist. I can write about anything. Journalism is broad so i have decided to choose one niche on here- photojournalism.

welcome to steemit!

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Hi @mastersa, welcome to Steem! Always a pleasure to meet another Canadian, though I'm from the west originally, now on the east coast of the US. Looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you!

you are welcome!

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