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This post was supposed to be the first. But I hurried. I immediately started with a story about my country, and after all, I must immediately introduce myself. I am correcting my mistake. I do not want to be an anonymous guide. I have nothing to hide, I do not need to hide, I will speak openly. Although I can seriously pay for my revelations. In my closed, authoritarian country everyone who speaks the truth will sooner or later be found and punished. But I'm tired of being afraid.

My name is Maria. I am 35 years old. I come from a small town, which is located near all the famous Chernobyl. It was Chernobyl that became my first test of strength from my earliest childhood. I was 5, when in 1986 the world's most famous environmental disaster occurred. The nuclear reactor exploded just 50 kilometers from our house. The authorities hid the problem, for a long time no one knew anything at all. And then people began to die in hundreds, especially children. Among my classmates, many did not live to 25, dying from various forms of cancer - the consequences of radiation sickness.

I survived. Radiation had a strong impact on my vision, I underwent several operations before my eyes and are now practically disabled, but I am holding on. I graduated from high school, then university, I got a specialty as a philologist teacher. Work on the diploma, I never found. My country is an agrarian. I should have thought about this before. Here, educated people are not needed, slaves are needed here - quiet, silent, with an intellect below the average. I did not want to be a quiet slave, so I often changed jobs. My bosses were afraid to hold me, as for my truthful statements about all had to answer and them, too. In the end, I generally began working at home on the Internet, but it also became a problem for me. In our country it is impossible not to work. Who does not work for the state, is equated with criminals. There is even a separate article on which an unemployed person, if he is calculated by the authorities, must pay a large tax to the treasury and still get a job.

I'm married, I have two sons - 15 and 5 years. My eldest son already now dreams of leaving somewhere. I teach him to be honest with himself, not to live by order of someone. I teach him that it is necessary to get a good education, become a sought-after specialist and, if possible, leave from here. I do not insist. But even the teenager sees that there is no prospect in this country. True, it is possible, like most of owr people, to obey the system and live quite happily. But is it possible for us? .. My children grow up smart and inquisitive. They want to develop in different areas, but I can not always help them in this. I hate myself when my youngest asks me to buy him a bicycle, and the elder asks for a guitar, but I can not give it to my beggarly salary. My husband recently lost his job. He is now outlawed. Work on the Internet, but this is a big risk.”They” can come any day to get him.

From my post, you can decide that I am deeply unhappy. This is not true. I'm alive, I have a family, have my own house, have a hobby - fishing, caring for my animals and flowers, photography. And most importantly - I have the opportunity to soberly assess the situation around and share my truth with people. I do not live in a fog. I do not want my relatives to live in it. Living in my country is becoming more difficult every year, but it only hardens me. I would like to hope that tomorrow will be better.


Hi Maria - my consolation for the friends you have lost due to government incompetence, but I am happy that you realise that you have achieved more than most... family, home, freedom to fish.

The truth is... life is getting harder 98% of the world every year as the other 2% simply print their claim for world's resources. This Knight is hoping for a change to the system soon. But he also expects much pain before this occurs. You have made a smart move coming to Steemit though, as STEEM and other cryptos could be a catalyst for change and early adopters may be able to protect their wealth within.

Best wishes.


I am aware of the dire situation Belarus has faced under the Lukashenko dictatorship since it obtained independence from the former Soviet Union. Canada has very Liberal immigration policies and is an ideal place for those who may be seeking political asylum and/or refugee status to escape Belarus:

Welcome to Steemit from Canada.

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Your article is incredibly moving, @mashla! You are very brave to share this with the world! Thank you. I look forward to reading more from you. You are a light of hope and inspiration!

Take me to your team. I'm from Kazakhstan. I want to learn how to write like you.

Thanks very much, @natafy! I certainly can help you with improving your English language skills. I have added you, and commented on your introduction post. Cheers!

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It is great to see you here! Tell us more about your country but also show us some from your hobbies! :)

What a story and WOW!! Yet, now your voice will now be heard around the world and you are by all means welcome here.

Welcome to Steemit and welcome to this amazing community.

~ @Timbo

I hope the thoughts of a better future make happen new good things in your life. you are right, hard experiences just make us grow stronger and wiser!! I send a big Hug and much Light!!!

Hello, you are welcome to steemit!!! I give you upvote to your post

What a brave person you are and it is so horrible to hear of the things you have been forced to endure because of the selfishness of those in power. It is amazing that you have found calm and joy in the realization that you have family and community. I hope the fish are always biting and your flowers always blooming and that you continue to find truth to persevere and to share truth for the benefit of others, both those who endure similar hardship and those who are unaware of the state of so many people in this world who suffer horribly at the hands of those in power who seek only their own aggrandizement.

Welcome to Steem, @mashla! I’m only two years than you and I had been dreaming about leaving Russia and moving abroad since I was 14. I emigrated to Sweden 11 years ago and have been living here ever since. I hope that your son’s dreams (and your family’s dreams) will come true one day. Stay strong! We need people like you in this world!

Stay strong! You have come to a place where you will surely find much support. It's stories like these that help us realize just how important crypto is to the world. You should be able to work doing whatever it is you love or chose not to work at all without judgement. I am sending the most positive vibes and hope you find a path to good health and happiness.

Your situation may be challenging, and you can believe others are faced with hard challenges all around the world at the same time. We all have that in common. We stand together. Steemit and Cryptocurrency are ways to push back against the status quo. Keep pushing!


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