First post on Steemit. A drawing diary

in introduceyourself •  10 months ago

Well, hello to everyone. I'm Maru, a young modern languages student whom passion is drawing and animation. I draw since I can remember, but I discovered it was my thing when I was 13. Now I'm 20 and still have A LOT to learn, to improve and to discover. 

Due to my country's situation, my dedication has risen and follen through the years. Lacking of inspiration or aimings to draw for months sometimes. 

I have always  loved digital art, and finally, after all these years, I got my very first graphic tablet. I aslo am starting drawing on a new digital program, PS (I used to use GIMP).

So, as all of this is a new experience for me, I taught I could use Steemit as my drawing diary. Posting all my progress in here.

For now, I'll start my diary with this doodle I did yesterday. See you!

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love drawing


Thank youu <3 I'll be posting more!

You're really good at this if this is what your doodling looks like.


Aww thank you! I'll be posting almost daily, so if you like it, go and follow me ;D


Done and done


aaAAaaaaa te amo más <<<<<<<<<<<<333333333

Hi there Maru. Welcome to Steemit community ! That 'doodle' looks great and I am looking forward to see more of your art work in your drawing diary :)


Thank you so much !!

Welcome to steemit creative being !! Love the doodle . I'm following you ^^ hope to see more of your work soon !


Thank you sweetie! So happy you like it!