An enthusiastic newcomer to Crytocurrency, Bitshares and STEEMIT!

Hello fellow Steemers,

Greetings from Finland. Im a young entrepeneur running an e-commerce business back here and doing a couple of other "projects". My latest endeavour got me crossing paths with cryptocurrencies and thus far I had been ill informed and sceptical about "Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies" and didn't understand the blockchain technology at all. In other words to lazy to do my homework, probably because of the steep learning curve and complexity of the subject.

Once I started to scratch the surface of what Steemit, Bitshares and Blockchain were, I was feeling mostly overwhelmed, but also excited af! This past month has been an exceptional learning experience; riding the information superhighway, watching youtube all night long and listening to Beyond Bitcoin Community. Very excited to learn more, super hyped to have found Steemit and to see where it goes. Just wanted to give a brief introduction of myself and say hi to the community!

Best regards,
Ystävällisin terveisin,