Intro_Let The Story Beginn

Hello my Friends!

Welcome to my mind! I’m me. Mara. Originally made in Germany, but I call the world my home.
I am someone who wants to explore it without much money. Someone who is in love with our planet, the huge and massive paradise we all can live in. Someone who knows how to appreciate tasty food and someone who is not ashamed of being himself.

Fun fact about me? My face is like an open book. No bad surprises, just the pure honesty. Every emotion on my face is so easy to read that its fucking difficult to hide myself. Whether I just hit my little toe or go completely crazy about good humus. You will notice it without much interpretation skills! And that’s not always a gift. (By the way I truely believe that humus can reunite nations, I mean I never met someone who doesn't like humus. And because I believe that in every nation is a good humus, I'm totally open if you want to pay me all the flights in order to find the best humus in the world. - Really, no problem!)

(And that's me with the crazy face)

If you are asking yourself now “What kind of high quality content will this blog be about?” then I will simply answer you. I hope this blog will put you in lots of different emotions as much facets as life has. And I hope I will be able to describe all these moments and thoughts of myself to inspire you and encourage you to be yourself. To make it simple: I have no idea. Haha. Let’s see what it brings!

Hang loose.

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Servus Mara, willkommen auf Steemit. Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen deutschen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schaue einfach mal in unserem Chat vorbei:


Hallo! Danke für den Link!

Hi Mara... Nice to meet you... Welcome to Steemit..🌹.. Liked your picture... You are very pretty!!!... This is a nice intro post... Upvoted you... I hope you will do great over here as a steemian..😊.. By the way, if the world is your home then I am your family member... 😊 Follow Me @onority

Welcome to steemit. I hope you wll enjoy your stay here. If you need help with anything at this platform please do not hesitate to ask me or anyone in the community. Everyone here is eager to help one another. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you! I already love it here!

hope you will enjoy here

Welcome to Steemit... Greetings from Malaysia!

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you :)
Greets from Germany!

Servus Mara ;) Willkommen auf steemit! Worüber willst du schreiben? LG
P.S.: Habe aus sicherer Quelle erfahren, dass dein Beitrag gleich wo geteilt wird ;)


Ich denke ich werde einfach darüber schreiben was mir in den Sinn kommt. Ganz ohne Einschränkungen :)
Haha das wäre natürlich mega cool!


Ist schon auf @neuvorstellungen passiert ;)
Habe heute auf meinem Account ein Video gepostet, was vor allem als Anfänger Pflichtwissen ist, um keine Geld zu verbrennen! Sieh es dir mal an ;)

Welcome to Steem it
Nice to know you


Thank you! I'm pretty excited to be here!

Welcome to Steemit!