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His name was Mang9is, Born in Banda Aceh, December 20, 1987, he was the third of five children, the fruit of Kamaruddin and Siti Zubaidah.

Dewi is her nickname, she was born in a very simple family, her father was an honorary teacher in a madrasa tsanawiyah, while her mother worked as a laborer in a shoe factory not far from her house. Since childhood, he was always advised by his father to always be diligent in worshiping, honest and kind towards others.

When he was 6 years old, he began his education at SDN 1 Ciawi, Tasikmalaya, then after graduating he continued his education at Tasikmalaya 1 Junior High School in 2006.

After graduating from junior high school in 2006, he followed his uncle to live in the city of Bandung and continued his education in the Bandung City high school.

When he stepped on the eleventh grade of high school, he took part in a poetry writing competition between schools throughout the city of Bandung, and his poem entitled "Dusk in the West Cikapundung" became the 3rd winner in the race.

Of course this makes his heart happy and more enthusiastic in writing, especially environmental themes.

For him the environment is one of the important aspects in life because a clean and beautiful environment can make the human soul strong and healthy.

Besides that he was also active in various activities at school, Dewi joined the Scout organization and also served as editor in chief of the school wall magazine.

Currently he is still sitting in the XII class of high school majoring in Language, after graduating later this sweet black girl plans to continue studying at the Department of Indonesian Literature at Gajah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta. Thank you




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