Introduce my self to the steemit world

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It is my first platform where I am giving my introduction about my life. First of all, Hello and Hi to all steemit users and team’s members.
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Aamir Hussain from a middle family of Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.
I did graduation in bachelor of Information Technology in 2013, From initial days of my life I was crazy about computers and their technologies. I started learn with the help of internet and I got strong command on Internet security.
I got passion about ethical hacking and I started learning and today I have strong command on security threats and their solutions. In other side I love nature and I like to visit to beautiful areas of world and capture those moments.

I also will do thanks to all friends and People who are doing work for the happiness of Allah and giving training and information to community about online earning methods.
An inspiring quotes

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

I learned about Steemit and its working from some of great persons which are spreading knowledge free of cost. Nothing is free now-a-day but they are spreading information free of cost for needy persons.
My aim is to join Steemit is that to explore more things in life and connects with social persons.
I will like to share knowledge about security threats and their solutions here and My life memorable moments which I capture during visiting of beautiful areas.

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I need your little help. Kindly like and share my post.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
― John Bunyan

Thanks for reading
Muhammad Aamir Hussain
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Hello Aamir Hussain, nice introtruction post with interesting quotes.
As traveling , social conenctivity is also an unpredicted experience i am sure you will enjoy your journey on steemit.

A positive response from you boost my confidence . I am very thankful to you .

Hi, welcome to steemit hope you're doing great. I already upvoted this post hope it helps! =)


welcome to steemit always make an interesting post. and successful greetings

Thanks for considering.

Amazing post! Steemit has restored my faith in humanity. Ill be sure to follow your page and keep up to date with upvoting your content! I'd appreciate a follow or upvote :)

Social connectivity with all over world People restored my faith in humanity . I promise that by doing good with others you feel relax and strange effect in your soul .

I completely agree. Salaam to you and your family and may Allah swt grant you jannah

Thanks Brother. Wa Salaaam to your all sweet family :-)

Hi, I welcome you to this group that I am sure will bring you many joys. ... a great greeting.
I invite you to see my post

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I am very thankful for this honor. Upvote for this post .

Interesante contenido.. me gustó bastante tu manera de ver la vida..

Soy nuevo en Steemit, sería de mucha ayuda si me sigues y votas en mi blog. @Fyahconde Revisa mi contenido.. poco a poco lo iré cargando más y más.

Éxito y Mil Bendiciones para todos.

No puedo entender tu idioma, pero he traducido tu publicación y veo tus publicaciones.

Welcome to steemit my brother

Thanks brother.

Excellent publication, Welcome to this community, I give you my vote of support and I invite you to follow me my friend, and here I leave one of my latest publications I work greetings

Your post is not showing brother . Thanks for vote and followed you .

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