Mount Kota Kinabalu 4095m (half of Mount Everest)

Today, I am going to share a once in a life time experience of going to the highest mountain in South East Asia. It is at 4095m in height. Half of Mount Everest.

I went there in 2015 and spent three days there. It was June. I won't write everything here but maybe will write more details about that trip in my blog.

This mountain is located in Sabah, Borneo. It is a renowned climbing checklist item that would usually be checked off. Not many local Malaysians have climbed and reached the summit. There are more foreign climbers.

Here are some pictures that I got from Google and some of my own pictures that I took when I was up there.

If you managed to reach the summit, these would be the spectacular view. I got these from Google. I posted some on it on my Instagram. I actually took loads of photos with my iPhone but when I copied to my computer, something went wrong and I did not save a big chunk of it. There were videos too.

The following below are the pictures that I took that I manage to save cause I posted them on my Instagram.

That is one of the view that is at the half way point towards the checkpoint before heading off to the summit. That's my sister standing there and you could feel as though the clouds were just next to you.

The weather wasn't the best as I was heading towards the summit. I literally felt like my life was going to end at any moment. It was pretty scary. Narrow passages. Many climbers have actually perished trying to climb this mountain. Of course you won't see bodies that are used as markers like those of Mount Everest.

After reaching the summit, it was getting bright. This is the view you would see. It was like in Silent Hill. The temperature was about 4 degrees Celsius. I had a headache as I ascended. I just pushed on. It was a total of a 30 hours non stop journey with only about three hours sleep.

To climb this mountain you need to book ahead. About a year ahead. I have a group photo that I will post here when I am free. Well, I have many adventures that I am going to share here. Well, it's blockchain isn't it. I will share stuff here so who knows if one day, in the future, my contents got uncovered by data archeologists. It's like Elon Musk who sent his Space X craft, I think it was Falcon 9 where he launched his car into space. He said that maybe one day someone would find it.

You need to follow these ropes. This is the path that you would see as you descend downwards. I reached here around maybe 7am. I had to start climbing up to the summit starting at 1am for the aim to reach the summit at 5am. There are many who stop at this half way point and can't continue on. I was with my two sisters and one of my sisters had actually climbed this mountain once and another was so afraid to continue, she stayed back. They actually had this plan in their mind of what to tell my mom if I hadn't come back.

This is one of those scary parts as you descend and you see this area. You will descend the way you went up. At night you just roughly had this idea of how high you were but during the day when you could see it, it is definitely really scary.

I was lying down taking this photo. At a lot of the paths, I had to lower my Centre of gravity to make sure i won't fall off. Some paths only allowed one person to pass through each time. Some of the areas that you climb would have an angle of incline of almost 90 degrees.

There was a point where I needed to get to the toilet to poop. The toilet was just built at the sides of the mountain and the worst thing is there wasn't any water. So I had some tissue paper in my backpack which I had to carry got 30 hours. I went in the toilet, it looked alrite and was kind of clean but when you lift the toilet covers. It was one of the worst sites you would ever imagined. There was poop on top of poop. Luckily, it was quite cold so you won't actually smell anything. I had no choice. If I did not use it, where would I poop? It was another five hours before reaching the checkpoint? I had to poop on top of poop. This is something I would remember forever.

Anyways, this is something you could try out. I will write till here first. Will share some scary experiences I have had in my life. I've been to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and many places in Malaysia. Will share some of the key things in these places. In life, we can't buy back time, so I think we have to do what we can before we get to an age that we can't even if we have those bucks in our bank. I also went to watch WWE live in Malaysia. John Cena came. More on that next time.

I am Luueetang. Nice to have you all as my friends. I guess there isn't many who write something that is of real experiences so I would be one of those writers.

If there is any comments that you wanna make, just type it. It's 12:43am at the moment. Have a great day everyone. I guess some of you have just started your day. Gonna get some sleep. 😴

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