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My name is Lusaine walker 27 years, born and grow in Jamaica.. Jamaica the land of wood and water, the island where their is beaches all around with that golden sun everyday.. the island with the fastest man on the planet " Usain bolt". The island full and culture.. Rasta live..

Im from Spanish Town, the old capital when Spain was in control before the British made Kingston the capital now.
I'm the father of a wonderful son, 3 years old living with his mother in New York..

I'm a musical artist I love make music like dancehall and Reggie and at times hip hop.. I also go to collage part time doing computer programming.. I go the beach everyday to chill

Hobbies are traveling.. I travel a lot
Smoking.. good old weed
Sports.. track and field mostly
I love cooking especially my famus ackee and salt fish with green bananas or rice and peas with jerk chicken..
I'm a very outgoing person who like meeting new people and going new places..

I would love for some of u to come visit Jamaica to enjoy the food, music and life style.. thats if u haven't visit already.. Steemit community is the best thing one the internet right now..

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Hello welcome to steem!

Nice Post ! Welcome to Steemit community ! I am really glad you are here Keep up great work and enjoy the journey ! I hope you enjoy here ! will give the vote to you, Please upvote & follow me.

Wood, water.... also rum, pirates and white women looking for hot jamaican guys :D

Do you have any recipes for that Jamaican food? It looks delicious.


Lol like you know my island more than mi... i have alot of Recipes man I'm more than happy to share


Hey, I'm from an island too, New Zealand.

I'm an arrogant white guy. I have to pretend to know everything buddy.

Your content is authentic and cool, please keep posting.

Can you please post a recipe for the first dish on this post? It looks really nice :D


Okie I will hit mi up on steem [email protected]

This food looks yummy. Hope you share some recipes to try out. Welcome on steemit! You can also follow me @wonderss

I like Jamaican music

Hi, Lusdon!
Welcome to the community. success!

Welcome to the best community ever which values our hardwork . Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan ... visit my blog if u like and upvote

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