Lucky HILO New Generation Dice Game Demo Challenge

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Lucky HILO New Generation Dice Game Demo Challenge

As we embark on the launch of the demo version of #LuckyHiLo, our team wants to reward our community for playing, sharing and fault-checking the first in the range of exciting #games that will be available on our platform.

That is why we will give away #HILO tokens to the members of our #community who help our demo reach the audience it deserves, with each milestone very generously rewarded. But before we outline these rewards, here is some useful information about Lucky HiLo and the HILO token.

What Value Has The HILO Token?

Each HILO is valued at 0.4 EOS. Put simply, 100 HILO has the same value as 40 EOS, which is approximately $218 (April 2019).

What is the HILO DAO?

Lucky HiLo is developing a Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAO) to put our players and token holders at the center of our platform. As token holders, you will receive dividends from the house edge. And with the most generous referral and ambassador programmes yet devised in the #EOS sphere, our DAO will reap the reward as our platform expands and grows. We value our early adopters and that is why we are happy to set aside HILO tokens for those of you who spread the word about our demo and invest in the HILO token early.


Why Play The Lucky HiLo Demo?

We want to bring the best gaming experience to our players and that is why we want you to help us by playing our demo. You have nothing to lose! As it is only a demo, you will not be betting for real winnings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win!

We will provide you with more than enough make-believe EOS to bet, but we restrict lodging to your account until you have under 5 units of our demo version EOS. This is because we are giving away a grand prize of 2500 HILO (that’s $5400!) to the player with the greatest balance at the end of the demo period.


Got it? Now for the Other Demo #Challenge Rewards!

  • The first player who makes a video about playing Hilo will receive 500 HILO tokens
  • The first video about Lucky HiLo with 1000 views will receive 2000 tokens
  • The first 50 players that hit on a 6% range will win 100 HILO tokens
  • The first 10 that rolls 2 lucky numbers will win 250 HILO tokens
  • The first player that rolls 3 lucky numbers will earn a staggering 5000 HILO tokens!
  • Make a nice promotional video about our demo #competition and earn 2000 HILO tokens

Balance Challenge!

Ready to challenge yourself against other Lucky HiLo players? You may not be betting against the house during our demo challenge, but you can still win big by beating your competitors.

A dedicated scorecard page on our website will keep you informed on who is moving up or crashing out of our leaderboard. At the end of the demo period, we will give 2500 HILO ($5400) to the player with the largest balance on our scorecard. We’re also giving away:

  • 1250 HILO ($2700) for runner up
  • 500 ($1000)HILO for third place

And one #lucky player who didn’t manage to reach to summit will come away smiling, as we promise to console one lucky loser (that is any player in the top 50 on our leaderboard) with a spot prize of 250 HILO!


Bug-Eyed Prizes!

Because we want to make sure we have the best dice game possible, we will #reward the technically gifted among you for alerting us to bugs:

  • 200 HILO for bug reports
  • 5000 HILO for security bugs


  • To enter, just send a screenshot of your winning combinations or a link to your video to [email protected]
  • Players will only be rewarded once in each category
  • The best promotional video will be judged by the Lucky HiLo Team
  • Bug reports and security bug reports must be verified by the Lucky HiLo team, and will only be paid to the first reporter per bug (if applicable)


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